A warm welcome: design tips for the hall

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The hall is the business card for your house or flat as well as a strategically important room for a successful everyday family life.


It should greet tenants and guests in a friendly, tidy and natural manner. There should also be storage handy for everything the family needs: keys, shoes, coats, dog leases, shopping baskets, prams, school bags and so much more. The hall has many tasks to perform. More than enough reason to give it some attention and help it fulfil its purpose.


Generous organisation helps the hall give a welcoming feel. Cabinets help shoes, coats and bags disappear. The bigger the family, the more storage space is needed. A narrow hall benefits from shoe cabinets with fold-out space or a wardrobe with a space-saving sliding door. This means that there is always enough room on the coat rack for guests’ jackets and bags, and everyone can feel welcome.


Long halls offer the option of creating a walk-in cloakroom or cleverly conceal storage space via a room partition or sliding curtain. A simple, but deciding detail is seating accommodation near the entry. An airy armchair, a special stool or a bench will make it much easier to put on your shoes and helps create a comfortable atmosphere. A storage bench can also be used for storing shoes.


The hall will appear friendly with light and glare-free lighting. That is especially important if no daylight shines into the room. Adjustable LED ceiling lights or string lights offer a good solution. Bright colours and a large mirror makes small or narrow halls appear larger. An especially beautiful effect occurs when the lights are reflected.


A long hall can be optically shortened by painting the narrow walls dark and positioning furniture there. The long wall can be used as a picture gallery. This gives the hall a personal character and helps it appear comfortable. Even wallpaper can turn a hall into something special: unusual patterns or particularly luminous colours can be used here which would normally be overwhelming in a room that is used more often.


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