From three to infinity – USM Haller turns 50

From three to infinity – USM Haller turns 50

The possibilities are practically endless. USM modular furniture systems are made up of structural elements which can be used alone or in combination to furnish offices, individual or group work areas, shops, libraries, schools, laboratories or exhibitions. Their diversity also makes them an excellent choice for private living areas – combinable with any style (classical, baroque, art nouveau, modern) and room material (wood, brickwork, wallpaper, concrete, metal, glass). Although USM modular furniture can be essentially reduced to three simple elements – ball, tube and panel – its room design components always reflect the individuality, style and aesthetic sense of the user.

The USM Haller furniture system is constructed using three basic elements:

  • balls
  • connecting tubes (chrome-plated steel)
  • insert panels in 14 different colours and made of three different materials (glass, powder-coated steel, perforated metal)

USM furniture assembled using these modular elements can be taken apart and reconfigured at any time. Even furniture that was purchased decades ago can be reorganised to meet changing requirements or extended to include new elements, ensuring it always meets current needs. It’s a furniture system that can can effortlessly endure many changes of location – from children’s room to living room, into the office, and back to the nursery again.

USM (Ulrich Schärer Münsingen) stands for timeless design and the highest standards of quality. The history of this successful Swiss family company goes right back to 1885, when Ulrich Schärer founded an ironworks and locksmith’s shop that was completely unconnected with design or furniture. Around 1920, the company opened a small factory and began specialising in the manufacturing of window fittings. Once the Second World War had ended, they widened their spectrum to include other metal and sheet metal product lines.

Today, USM U. Schärer Söhne AG employs around 450 people at its main location in Switzerland and subsidiaries in Germany, France, the United States and Japan. It has locations in over 37 countries worldwide.

Launched 50 years ago, the USM Haller modular furniture system has become an embodiment of timeless design across the entire globe. This classic line is used to furnish office environments, public buildings and even private homes.

USM project-50: an excellent time for new ideas
USM is celebrating the Haller furniture system’s 50th birthday, the perfect occasion for coming up with new ideas. This is why the company has launched project50, an exciting and multi-layered global initiative. With numerous interesting events throughout the anniversary year, project50 is focusing exclusively on the concept of modularity. USM is organising workshops and experiments to pose questions such as the following: What does the latest generation of young designers think of this successful line of furniture? How do they deal with modularity in a modern era where flexibility is such a sought-after quality? What will the system of the future need to provide? At a creative workshop in Boisbuchet, students from leading design schools in seven different countries took the renowned Haller furniture system apart and explored new ideas for the future. The students are using a special blog to report on the progress of their projects. All the latest news is also available on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (#project50).

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