And the winner is – Ultra Violet!

So eine ultraviolett gefärbte Kommode wie „WW19“ der Neuen Wiener Werkstätte ist ein Hingucker und fast mehr Kunst als nur Möbel.


Whether it’s fashion or furnishings, purple will be everywhere in 2018 – and the “colour of the year” has a number of surprises in store. 

In a decision few expected, Pantone, the world-renowned authority on colour, recently selected “Ultra Violet” as its Colour of the Year 2018. It’s a hue that many have rejected on the grounds of being “desperate”, “depressing” or even downright “provocative”. But fans of Ultra Violet, which is more commonly known as purple, have always acknowledged that it has much more to offer.


When combined with gold or brass, purple reveals its stylish side, making the “Pantone Colour of the Year 2018” a sophisticated choice. Ultra Violet lends a particularly elegant sheen to velvet and silk, transforming them into materials truly fit for a king. So, when it comes to selecting a colour for the lounge area in your living room, purple is a great choice.

Due to the cost and effort involved in its manufacturing, purple has been a prized colour throughout history. Production involved the powder from a semi-precious stone called lapis lazuli, combined with violet extracted from a rare snail of the same name. Although these ancient manufacturing methods haven’t been used for centuries now, purple has lost none of its opulent connotations.


Nowadays, the new purple is often seen in combination with black – a meeting of two genuine power colours! Fortunately, since the two of them together interact to create a strong, modern look. When using the two colours for interior decoration, make sure to use equal amounts of black and purple. For example, a black sofa against the backdrop of purple velvet curtains creates a stunning and dramatic effect.

A trendy couple

This year’s “Ultra Violet” was last year’s “Greenery”. Although the “Pantone Colour of the Year 2017” has now been superseded, “Greenery” is more than just as shade and its popularity remains undiminished. “Greenery” denotes potted plants in the living room, microgreens in the kitchen and jungle-patterned wallpaper. Unlike trends that simply replace each other completely, purple and green work well as a team. They enhance each other visually and unlock the previously hidden depths of their respective counterpart.

A touch of interior magic

Regardless of its positive qualities, purple’s quirkiness means its appeal is by no means universal – but that’s exactly what makes it so special! After all, we already have more than enough whites and blues around us, particularly in our living areas. Whether it’s a small decorative accessory or an entire wall, purple makes a real statement in the home. Although a certain amount of courage is needed – this trendy is not capable of taking a step back and will have an impact everything else in its vicinity. Therefore, it can make you see a room or a piece of furniture in a completely different light – but that’s truly the beauty of this trend colour!


An article by Janina Temmen


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