Turning Homes into Galleries – or How Fine Art Comes to the Living Room

Turning Homes into Galleries – or How Fine Art Comes to the Living Room

How about hosting various art exhibitions in one’s own home? Artotheks make it possible. In German-speaking countries Artotheks are a venture allowing people to borrow paintings, sculptures and other works of art for a small fee. In recent years more and more of these “art lending libraries” have been opening throughout Germany. Enjoying original works of art in one’s own home now is no longer just for the well-to-do. 


Art lovers can decorate their homes with the works of well-known artists at a truly affordable price for any period of time from one to six months. An Artothek is basically like a lending library except that it loans art instead of books. Anyone interested in art, whether novice or connoisseur, can take their pick from the available collections and pay a fee per artwork and period of loan.


Creating sophisticated interiors

There are many reasons to improve one’s home by renting art, if only to add colour to empty walls or customise the interior design to suit the season or occasion. For example, clients can try and see how the different works of art go with their floor coverings, furniture and lighting. Another great advantage of this approach is that clients are free to move with trends and fashions. Renting art allows for a versatile interior design by changing or rotating the artworks on display. For instance, by showcasing sculptures that look perfect with the new parquet floor. If clients tire of their paintings after a while or if a work of art doesn’t really go with the furnishings anymore, they can simply give it back instead of putting it away to gather dust.


Stylish living for everyone

Rented art is an ideal solution for anyone who would love to add a finishing touch to their home while keeping the investment low. If guests are invited, the artworks on display will not only arouse admiration for the hosts‘ sense of style, but also provide an opportunity for stimulating discussions about the artists, themes or techniques.


An art gallery at home is not an acquired taste, but can be enjoyed immediately. For art novices rented art is a perfect way to get a feel for art without running up high costs. Families can browse the “art lending libraries“ for a famous painting for the sitting room or for artworks that will give the kids‘ rooms a unique modern look. In Germany Artothek collections feature the works of well-known local artists as well as young contemporary artists looking to showcase their skills to a greater audience by renting out their art to home galleries. In this way the Artotheks provide an easy approach to modern art trends.


The website http://www.artothek.org/ provides an overview of Artotheks in Germany

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