Triad of nature, architecture and acoustics

Triad of nature, architecture and acoustics

With the opening of the new festival hall in Erl, a building project of superlatives was finished. The architects created an impressive symbiosis of old and new. The festival hall pays respect to the surrounding Tyrolean mountain scenery, dances a choreography of the seasons and impresses with striking acoustics. 


The festival hall of Erl lies picturesquely in the middle of the Tyrolean nature. In the foreground, lush meadows and dark forests present themselves, the gigantic mountains tower in the background and it almost seems as if they look down on this architecturally unique area with approval and respect, listening cautiously to the unforgettable sounds of the Tyrolean Festival in Erl.


Choreography celebrating the seasons

Both festival halls in Erl pay homage to nature in their own way. The older building, built by Mr. Schuller, architecturally emphasizes the vertical line and in combination with its white front it recedes into a wintery snowy landscape. Then, the new festival hall enters the stage and shines in all its glory, when the sounds of the Tyrolean Festival Erl emanate from inside during the winter season.


In summer, the newer building takes a bow before nature and gives the older house in shining white precedence. Then, the newer festival hall merges with the lush green of the surrounding woods and the rough mass of rock, thanks to its dark facade. In contrast to the older building, the architects accentuated the horizontal line in their plans and emphasized the view of shifted tectonic plates. This is another reason why it merges ideally with the grey stones of the mountains.


Not a bad place for festivals, no bad places for guests

Just as the existing surroundings and nature were paid homage to with the new festival hall, just as much were room-acoustical measures taken into consideration. It was very important not to place architecture over acoustics, because only when both are combined in total harmony can the perfect room sound be achieved.  This is why the stage, the hall and the stage tower, which usually towers above, are situated in an elevated position: the decisive space that enables amazing sound experiences.  And the result is impressive, because the festival hall in Erl creates unique acoustic possibilities.


Visitors of the Tyrolean Festival in Erl witness a perfect harmony of nature, architecture and an unforgettable sound experience. All these things combined make the Festival in Erl a place of superlatives.


Information about the 16th festival summer of the Tyrolean Festival in Erl can be accessed here:


Image source: © Peter Kitzbichler

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