Trend 2014: Living becomes more colourful

Trend 2014: Living becomes more colourful

White has passed its time as a colour for furniture or even walls. After years of monochrome, even upholstered furniture and cabinets can set colourful accents. We present the most interesting.


It hasn’t been long since monochrome was considered the non plus ultra of living. White walls, cabinets with white lacquered fronts, upholstery in beige or discreet grey. Such interiors are without question chic, but isn’t it a bit monotonous in the long-term? It was really just a question of time before colour returned to design. Its comeback has already spread to walls, which have started to be painted in gentle greens, yellows or even purples in the past few years.


The colourless years have also passed for furniture. The international furnishing show IMM Cologne in January was more colourful than it had been for years. Especially upholstered furniture is seeing colour this year. It is hard to find a single collection by a leading manufacturer without a blue sofa – the absolute trend furniture! Even cabinetry such as cabinets, sideboards and dressers are showing colourful fronts again.


But then it rarely gets really loud, and if so, then only with exceptional pieces such as chaise longue designed by Dutch artist Jean-Paul Marsman and produced by Leolux pays homage to pop art. There is therefore no reason to fear a return to cave dwellings a la the 1970s in orange, yellow and brown. The new furniture colours are mostly light, friendly, optimistic and elegant. Pastel teal or subdued green are typical. Even this year’s orange tones are less harsh and are nobler. The pink tones are also a surprise this year in the furniture collections: the current trend avoids gaudy pinks in favour of light, washed-out roses.  It is remarkable how contemporary a straight forward sofa can look in a colour normally associated with an old fashioned ball gown. This is how living becomes more colourful, cosy and less puristic. But in no case plushy.


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