Tree House Suites with Underfloor Heating – A Place for the Spirit

Tree House Suites with Underfloor Heating – A Place for the Spirit

“In the beginning, there was an idea and a small dream. A clearing in the forest which inspired us and which radiated a touching peacefulness. The idea: get people in touch with nature in this place, feeling originality without sacrificing convenience – in an extraordinary tree house,” says the enthusiastic hostess Insa Otteken. A vision has become a reality in Bad Zwischenahn in Germany – the “Baumgeflüster” resort, a one-of-a-kind tree house.


Opened in winter 2011, this sophisticated retreat amidst a forest of 100-year old oak and beech trees attracts many guests who are intrigued by the idea of staying in a secluded haven of peace away from the hustle, bustle and noise of everyday life. There are four tree house suites in the 7.4 acre forest area. Sunlight filters through the branches of the old oak trees above and around the large patios of the tree houses. The whole setting is absolutely lovely: a little closer to heaven.


The exclusive tree houses offer sophisticated comfort and plenty of rest and relaxation. They are splendidly spacious while also cosily comfortable. Thanks to a heating system, the tree houses can be used all year round. Lovingly furnished, they offer everything the guest may need. That’s basically all it takes to feel great: Many guests find it hard to get out of their warm snug beds with luxurious extra-long bedding and Egyptian cotton bed linen. The designer bathroom with dark slate and underfloor heating also invites to spend more time than they usually would. The tree houses have many surprises that would not be expected from the outside.


“Ammerland, across the Alps, to Africa and Asia”

Each of the four tree houses focuses on a different region – from “Ammerland, across the Alps, to Africa and Asia”. That’s the idea behind the resort’s concept and gives it a very individual touch. On request, breakfast is served in a picnic basket containing fresh farm-baked bread, warm bread rolls, marzipan jam, carrot-orange jam (depending on the season) and self-made dips.


The architect Andreas Wenning and the interior designer Helmut Diez, both from Bremen, Germany, were commissioned with designing the resort. Josef Oberauer and his Austrian team were responsible for the execution of the building construction. They procured the high-quality, untreated larch wood and installed it on site as a solid timber construction by using an allergy-friendly special process without adhesives and plastic sheeting. The design is completely impact-resistant, provides excellent heat insulation and even withstands strong winds and thunderstorms. Truly unique! Instead of dry air from heating, the guests breathe in fragrant untreated larch wood in winter. A scent unknown to many guests, so they often ask “What is it? Where do you get this fragrance?” “This place inspires guests to get creative,” says the hostess. “For instance, a guest who is a musician composed a tree house twist, and an elderly gentleman read poems to his wife under a full moon and a starry sky.”


Needless to say that heart’s desires are also fulfilled in the Baumgeflüster resort: “A guest wanted to propose to his girlfriend. At his request, we decorated the tree house suite for the occasion – with hearts on the stag head and on the bed. With champagne and delicacies in the fridge, a bouquet of roses on the table, and rose petals leading the way to the tree house. The outcome? The girlfriend said yes – and the wedding will take place as an open-air service in the resort’s glade,” reports Insa Otteken. More stories, impressions and details are provided on the internet at


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