Thin and stylish: the new secretary desk

Thin and stylish: the new secretary desk

Secretary desks used to be designed to be magnificent, yet voluminous. After all, you needed to have enough room for your writing utensils and correspondence. All that is necessary today is to have enough room for your notebook – but please with style!


Good ideas can survive centuries, even if they sometimes fall out of fashion. But at some point they always come back and look fresher than ever in a contemporary form. Among the numerous pieces of furniture that have been invented during various epochs, the secretary desk is a prefect example: it was already a “must-have” for private libraries in the 18th century. As a classic bureau or in the form of a dresser with an extension, sometimes elegant or richly ornamented. Next to the hinged or extractable writing surface, the many compartments and drawers of various sized are a key feature of the secretary desk. Diverse writing utensils such as ink pots, writing quills and blotters have their place next to letters and documents. Even secret compartments with their concealed contents – from love letters to wills – there is sufficient material for historical novels and crime stories.


Today we write letters on the keyboard of our notebook, correspondence is stored only in our email. Instead of a protruding desk, only a small place is needed for the notebook and two or three storage compartments. The time for the secretary desk has return! The voluminous and magnificently ornamentation of the Biedermeier period has disappeared, but at its core, it has remained true to the original. With a slender workplace, as a minimalist wall tablet or slim hinged cabinet, the modern versions are true space-savers, which can be placed in the living room, guest room or even the hall. None of the functionality diminishes the style either. A modern, uncomplicated style is preferred and can come in noble woods or polished lacquered finishes, in sleek white or bright colours, can even be combined with metal.


Discretion is naturally still a key virtue of the secretary desk. While the hidden compartments are no longer to be found, today they offer smartly placed openings and concealment for cables.


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