Temptation in Sicilian

Temptation in Sicilian

Marsala is the new trend colour of the year in 2015. The earthy Bordeaux is not only a shade in beauty and fashion, but it also appeals to our sensibilities in interior design.


„Marsala comes from within, touches the soul and provides confidence and stability,“ explains Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute which has been selecting the trending colour of the upcoming year for over a decade. In fact, the colour has something luscious, a seductive dark shade of red that blends well with all earth tones and stylishly accents powdery pastel tones.


Much like the amber iridescent Marsala liqueur wine which owes its name to the homonymous hometown on the Sicilian west coast, the gentle Pantone shade shines with the same radiance. One associates muted colours of a sunset and romance with the subtle shade of red.


Photos: www.volvox.de


In harmony with stone and earth tones

In residential spaces, Marsala conveys comfort, individuality and a touch of nobility. It can easily be combined with neutral stone and earth tones, warm taupe and gray variants. Umber and yellow gold have a very elegant effect while bright colours like turquoise and pink stand out with confidence.


When selecting the colour trend, the Pantone Institute mainly takes its cue from fashion and beauty collections as well as from buyers‘ order numbers, economic factors and trend observations. The trending colour in 2014 was the violet shade of radiant orchid and emerald green in 2013.

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Photos: NWW Neue Wiener Werkstätten

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