Sweet Sixteen

Uncomplicated design floors like www.haro.com " alt="Uncomplicated design floors like "Disano" by Haro are perfect surfaces for those turbulent teenage years." class="swipebox full-image-available image-with-copyright lazy" copyright='www.haro.com' src="https://www.haro-inspires.com/en/wp-content/themes/inspirations-by-haro/media/gfx/pixel.png" data-src="https://www.haro-inspires.com/en/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2017/05/postimage_sweet_sixteen-bedroom-1-900x600.jpg">

„Sweet Sixteen“ and the room is still „Baby blue“? It can turn into a serious problem for growing kids. When this happens, at the very latest, parents urgently need to come up with good ideas for transforming a child’s room into a teenager’s realm!  

Getting older is a trap! Even the smallest children realise this early on. With advancing age, come increasing responsibilities. At school, for example, you’re suddenly expected to sit still, behave yourself and learn! But the additional duties involved in growing up are sweetened by new opportunities to have fun. One such occasion is when kids have banished their toys and want to redecorate their rooms in a fashion more appropriate to „sweet sixteen“…

A new face
It’s a process we’re all familiar with thanks to make-over programmes on TV. If someone wants a completely new look, the first step is to either cut or dye their hair.. Similarly, a change of colour is the best way to provide a fresh, new appearance to a room as well. Changing from colours such as baby blue or princess pink to a brilliant white, makes everything appear more grown up at the stroke of a paintbrush. Strong colours on individual walls make an unequivocal statement along the lines of „This is my room and I fancy yellow! “ Furthermore, carpets are another way of expressing a clear, individual style. However, high-spirited as teenagers often are, accidents do happen – frequently in the form of spilled drinks or similar mishaps. So a floor that’s hard-wearing and easy to clean is definitely more suitable, with smaller rugs acting as decorative eye-catchers.

The pivotal element
Even though there is an increasing amount of beds with extendible frames, once they reach a certain age, kids usually prefer to have something completely new. After all, it’s one of the key elements in their room and therefore so much more than than just a place to sleep: It’s a place they can retire to for an entire weekend — taking food, drink, the computer and their best friend along with them. A box-spring bed costing as much as a compact car would definitely meet with a teenager’s approval, but might not be so acceptable to the parents. Fortunately, the same cosy atmosphere can be created by embellishing a normal bed with thousands of cushions, plaids and covers, and adding a new headboard (some attractive examples can be found at Blanc d’ivoire and Maison du Monde). Attaching a striking headboard instantly provides an old bed with a completely new look — and this is exactly what most kids are looking for.

A furniture make-over
In addition to the bed, the new look should also extend to other pieces of furniture found in the young person’s domain. Simply replacing everything is often not a viable option, particularly from a financial perspective. However, given a little time, sandpaper and paint, it’s relatively easy to lend a fresh face to tired-looking furniture. Even finds from the flea market or granny’s treasured old objects can be turned into items that get the „sweet sixteen“ vote of approval. (As well as providing helpful information, it’s also becoming popular for hardware stores such as Bauhaus to organise DIY courses). Working together on these types of projects is also a great bonding experience for parents and children alike and is therefore far more rewarding than anonymous, instant order solutions.

Simple answers
Nevertheless, there are certain matters that parents just shouldn’t have a say in — and that’s just fine. Faced with a question like „mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?“, there is only one answer any mother will ever give. Sons and daughters, however, need to form opinions of their own, and this is another reason why a mirror is a must for every teenager’s room.  One recent trend in interior design appears to be entire mirror walls, which are made up of smaller mirrors with different shapes and frames, combining to form a design element rather than just acting as a functional utensil. A classical dressing table can also be a huge boon for any family with a teenage girl. It prevents long queues from forming at the bathroom door and gives young ladies the privacy they desire.

A happy workplace
„Sweet sixteen“ is a stage of life where children seem to be engaged in incessant altercations with their parents, with school and homework being the most frequent topics. Although you can’t really help youngsters of this age with their subjects any more, you can provide a really cool place for them to work in. That means creating an atmosphere that meets their individual preferences. Some can only work with music in the background, others prefer it to be as quiet as possible, while other kids work best propped up on one elbow. Ergonomic research provides some reassurance for parents, as it provides proof that long periods of sitting are not good for the back, and it’s vital to keep moving. What’s that you say? Then kids could learn while they’re tidying up their rooms? Exactly, but perhaps that’s a topic for another day…


An article by Janina Temmen

  • Uncomplicated design floors like www.haro.com " alt="Uncomplicated design floors like "Disano" by Haro are perfect surfaces for those turbulent teenage years." class="swipebox full-image-available image-with-copyright grid-image" copyright='www.haro.com' src="https://www.haro-inspires.com/en/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2017/06/sweet_sixteen-bedroom-1-300x400.jpg">
  • The experts from Farrow & Ball are well aware that colours change rooms in an instant. In addition, the skilful use of colour for a wall can make a room appear much larger than it actually is.
  • This conceptual design from Bloomingville looks more like a command centre than a bed — to the eyes of an enthusiastic youngster at least.
  • A striking, yellow-patterned rug like www.therugcompany.com " alt="A striking, yellow-patterned rug like "Syrie" from The Rug Company is a real style statement, which is precisely what teenagers want for their own little realm." class="swipebox full-image-available image-with-copyright grid-image" copyright='www.therugcompany.com' src="https://www.haro-inspires.com/en/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2017/06/sweet_sixteen-yellow_blue_room_decoration-1-600x400.jpg">
  • Yesterday's design in a modern garb — this is what RED Edition is all about. People with the necessary DIY skills can also refurbish flea market items themselves.
  • Attractive mirror walls made up of numerous artfully arranged individual mirrors are currently all the rage.
  • More of a boudoir than a bedroom. Teenage girls with a dressing table like this one from Bloomingville will graciously let other family members use the bathroom first.
  • Laundry baskets like these felt creations from Hey-Sign can't keep things tidy entirely on their own. But they make it easier for kids to do so, while looking great at the same time.
  • A modern desk can project many things — but hard work should definitely not be one of them! The example here looks particularly laid-back.

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