Summer in the countryside

Has this little lad discovered one remaining mouthful of pasture-grazed milk in this enamel milk pail from Riess?

As light, airy and relaxed as a meadow of wild flowers in bloom. The fresh, summery country house look will make the heart of any neurotic city dweller beat even faster.

Country house style is trendier now than ever before and forgoes with fashionable antics in the process. Consistently good, homely and familiar, it satisfies that all-too-human yearning for security and an ideal world. That’s what makes it so popular. It has long been considered less a lifestyle than a way of a life – one that is consciously connected to nature. And therefore the design also follows the rhythms of nature: after all, nothing says summer retreat quite like light furniture and pristine white accessories.

Wood plays a leading role

Natural materials play leading roles: wicker, zinc, ceramic, linen, cotton and, of course, wood. This is often untreated, oiled or waxed but also sometimes varnished in white. White makes solid wood appear to seem lighter and is the colour of all country house furnishings – whether it’s the sideboard, loose-cover sofa or plate rack, closely followed only by wood left in its natural state, wicker and wrought iron furniture.

Cheerful mix of textiles

Create incredibly different moods by combining just a few accessories and textiles in contrasting colours in a white interior. A few accents in yellow immediately create a pleasant atmosphere. Blue brings a burst of freshness and grey a soft elegance to an interior dominated by white. A few cushions or curtains are all it takes to set the scene. Textiles are cheerfully combined to create that informal country house look – checks with stripes, plain colours with floral patterns. The same is also reflected in the tableware, which frequently matches the textiles.

Too many decorations can quickly appear cluttered

Fresh flowers – in ceramic pitchers, discarded milk bottles or pretty jam jars – transport the country house summer indoors. Rustic accessories serve as more than just decoration. If not used for their original purpose, they can perhaps be put to other uses – zinc tubs as planters, fruit crates as storage for newspapers, or wooden ladders as towel holders. There are few limits on creativity when it comes to decoration. But watch out – too much of a good thing can quickly look cluttered and kitschy. Ultimately, the concept is one of a simple life in the countryside.

An article by Tanja Müller

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