Stylish indulgences

Stylish indulgences

If your four-legged family member is constantly vying for a spot on the bed or chair, it is high time you pamper your pet with a bit of comfort. How about a dog bed or a cat scratching post? Have no fear: the days when dingy dog beds and sisal rug eye sores marred flats are long gone thanks to posh pet furniture design.


The sight of Scruffy running full speed ahead with his tail wagging behind him puts a smile on the face of any animal lover. A cat purring in your lap makes up for the stress of a long day’s work and restores the soul. A pet enriches our lives which is why we are only too happy to return the favour with a comfy environment for our animal friends. The selection of animal design which is neither plush nor ostentatious is somewhat limited though pet owners willing to spend more than 100 euros for a bed will almost always find the right piece for his or her living space. By now, some companies have specialised in premium pet design.


Our furry friends love having a place to cuddle. A dog with enough space to move about is usually a quiet fellow. It is content to take a load off in a cosy spot. It does not much care about the appearance of its personal retreat. In fact, a dog is perfectly happy to put its aesthetic trust in the hands of its human companion. The owner can also see to it that pet accessories match the rest of the furnishings. He or she may find a real treasure trove in a place like pet-interiors, a small manufactory in Upper Franconia which produces designer furniture for dogs and cats. Aside from their dedication to producing high-quality design, utility is also a must. The pet-interiors dog and cat beds contain a specially designed latex filling that adapts to the body of the animal so as to prevent putting pressure on the spine or spinal discs. Especially for osteoarthritic dogs, an orthopaedic dog bed is a sensible purchase which combines both animal welfare and human design sensibilities.


The same can be said for the award-winning cat scratching posts from stylecats: it represents a claw sharpener and lounging space to a cat and a warmly welcomed piece of matching furniture to a person. It is amazing how versatile a cat scratching post can look! Its aesthetic embodies the bare essentials, adding a touch of elegance to everything in its vicinity while remaining inconspicuous and at ease in nearly any living space.


The British brand Wowbow also makes pet furniture perfectly suited for pared down living rooms. The dog beds and Perspex feeding bowls are modelled after classics in the furniture industry. Even when it comes to smaller things, there are now alternatives to the conventional. The Italian design company Alessi has attracted attention for the dog and cat „dishes“ and accessories in its collection. Keep in mind plastic bowls give the water a residual taste which an animal may find unpleasant. That is why many food and water bowls are made of stainless steel.


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