Stylish and casual: housing trends from Scandinavia

Stylish and casual: housing trends from Scandinavia

A wonderful blend of sense of style, serenity and restraint characterises the design of our northern neighbours. And the best part: it is also inexpensive.


A certain Swedish furniture store is presumably not solely attributable for the Scandinavian way of life which leaves its mark on more and more German flats – this understated, elegant undertone resonates whenever a piece of the north moves in with us. Scandinavian design stands for sleek aesthetics and pure forms, functionality and proximity to nature.


Rooms benefit from clean lines in a single stroke thanks to the aesthetic functionalism of our northern neighbours. Warm colours and wood set the vibe, bold patterns and fresh colours add special accents. The furniture and textile designs are just as fresh, clear, straightforward and elegant as Scandinavians themselves who have to live with the shortest days and longest winters. Their environment, however, is also informed by enormous natural landscapes. So it was that this exceptional interior design style came to be which translates versatile influences of Nordic life to home design.


Proximity to nature and the focus on functionality form the manifesto. Rooms that are furnished according to the Scandinavian model are not flamboyant nor are they lacking. The furniture is refined and attractive such as the side table and built-in magazine rack by BEdesign. Therein lies the basic idea of Scandinavian product development: it must always be practical. It was in this vein that a design movement emerged from northern Europe in the 50s when architect Arne Jacobsen designed the most produced chair in the world. At the time, a design movement was born that combined form and function with aesthetics in a simple way. The idea was to make sophisticated design accessible even for a small pocketbook. This concept was later perfected by visionary Ingvar Kamprad who set new standards with Ikea. Today, brands like iittala, Studio Kelkka or BEdesign capture the spirit of an era: they provide aesthetic order in a breathless time.

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