Spring flowers with a new performance

White and pink flowers on light blue vintage chair

Daisies, hyacinths, tulips, and naturally violas – our favourite spring-flowering plants are a familiar sight on balconies and terraces. Why don’t we plant them in unusual flower pots?


Finally some colour after the winter grey! Every year, we look forward to hyacinths, narcissus, daisies, violas and other early-blossoming plants. We love to have a spring kick-off on the balcony or terrace after shopping expeditions to the market for crates of flowers. So plant them quickly – but where? In clay pots or bowls is always an option. But didn’t we do that last year and the year before?


Spring and the dawn of nature is naturally a good time for fresh ideas and new beginnings. The best way is to experiment and to present the first buds of the year in an unexpected manner, such as in unusual flower pots. For example, primrose has an unsophisticated image, but placed in a shining stainless steel crate, the contrast provides a surprising effect. The design captures the beauty of the countryside remarkably well.


The more romantically inclined can easily find alternatives to terracotta or wattles in furniture or lifestyle shops. Emsa offers colourful flower pots and baskets in a rustic style, as well as the appropriate accessories such as plant signs or decorative clips. Made from easy to maintain plastics, they are practical and simple to keep clean. This also applies to “Bottichelli” from Koziol, an all purpose pot in the form of a tub. The medium-sized plant bowls, in particular, are well suited for spring flowers and are available in cheerful colours. “Colourful spirit” is the name of the current trend, which combines bright flowers with vibrant flower pots. The trend experts are calling this a beautiful expression of optimism and passion. There you go!


Rummaging through sheds and basements, through attics or even flea markets really pays off. You can probably find an old, enamelled bucket, or maybe a zinc watering can, dented and starting to rust. Potting soil, or just water for cut flowers, decorated with spring-flowering plants – and the friendly arrangement is complete.



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