Spring 2019 – great ideas for the home

Nature awakes in spring. Bring that fresh green feeling into your home! These pictures of plants and leaves are a simple and elegant way of doing this. Seen at www.dekoria.de.

When the first flowers of the year bloom and the sun begins to warm the days, spring is not far away. Now is the time to think about a little makeover for your house or flat. We have a number of fresh ideas for bringing a spring feeling into your home.

Vibrant colours

Spring is a time when life becomes more colourful again. Freshen up your home with attention-grabbing colours – such as mustard yellow. Few other colours epitomise springtime and dispel the melancholy of winter as much as yellow – and best of all, strong yellow tones are currently trendy. As something of a countertrend, pastel shades are currently also “en vogue”: delicate rose, light pistachio turquoise or gentle lemon yellow. All reminiscent of ice cream flavours, it’s no surprise that our thoughts turn to springtime when we see them.

Bringing nature indoors

Glass vases add a light touch. Filled with twigs or flowers, they become harbingers of spring. Glass vases can also be used for planting bulbs such as hyacinths, creating an extravagant yet natural look. Continuing the urban gardening theme, it’s now the time of the year to be thinking about growing your own herbs or even vegetables such as tomatoes. With the new “Smart Garden” from Emsa – an indoor garden with LED lighting and water tank – you do not even need your own garden or balcony. Plants can be grown in the kitchen, living room or anywhere else you like.

Green eye-catchers

Combining “back to nature” with a more leisurely pace of life, slow living continues to be a popular lifestyle trend this spring. There is a clear focus on sustainability. People are looking for high-quality, long-lasting materials with a small ecological footprint – often in combination with light or neutral colours. Adding a few pieces of eye-catching greenery will bring the freshness of spring into your home without overdoing the decoration.

The new delight in experimentation

When nature awakens from its winter nap, it’s time for spring cleaning. Time to retrieve the patio furniture from the shed, clean the windows, and maybe even repaint the walls. Alternatively, you can think about some new wallpaper. The new spring collections have a wealth of designs to choose from. From naturally muted or powdery earth tones right through to luxurious golden Art Deco motifs, “anything goes” seems to be the motto. The important thing is: wallpaper should underline the individual character of the room and its furnishings.

  • Nature awakes in spring. Bring that fresh green feeling into your home! These pictures of plants and leaves are a simple and elegant way of doing this. Seen at www.dekoria.de.
  • What about a touch of spring cleaning for your walls? This wallpaper from Rasch’s “Most Fabulous” collection features elegant golden highlights, but the graphical design adds a casual note.
  • An energising eye-catcher in lemon yellow: the “Elisabeth” lamp was created by French designer Julien Phedyaeff. Thanks to its filigree design, it looks completely at home in practically any room.
  • This collection of brightly-coloured outdoor furniture from Petite Friture isn’t called “Week-End” for nothing: the chairs are perfect for those first warm weekends of the year.
  • “Leaf” stools from Arper call to mind the branching of trees or the veins of a leaf. They can be used in the dining room or outside on the patio.
  • This collection of wallpaper from Marburg, fittingly called “Platinum”, will lend your walls a touch of elegance and invoke that 1920s feeling.
  • With its stylish rosé hue and soft velvety material, this “Vittoria” récamiere from GALLERY M is a truly striking sight. Its organic-looking, curvy design fits perfectly into that springtime look.
  • Like three plates – stacked slightly off-centre – with light flowing across their surfaces, the “Bahia” wall and ceiling lamp from Foscarini is unconventional but highly decorative. It’s available this spring in three different colours.
  • “Grow-It” herb pots look great suspended from “Hang-It” wall knobs. Planted with fresh herbs, they are a useful eye-catcher in the kitchen. Both are available from Rig-Tig.
  • Fresh pastel tones: the Spuersinn 24 " alt="Fresh pastel tones: the "Love” neon light combines well with decorative highlights in yellow for a great springtime partnership. Seen at www.spuersinn24.de." class="swipebox full-image-available image-with-copyright grid-image" copyright='Spuersinn 24' src="https://www.haro-inspires.com/en/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2019/04/14-spring-bright-colours-600x400.jpg">

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