Sonority and cool design: new hi-fi technology for the home

Sonority and cool design: new hi-fi technology for the home

Rectangular speaker boxes were for yesterday. Modern sound systems stream music wirelessly from designer pieces or seating furniture.


Music in every room, perfect sound quality and no bothersome boxes or cables – wireless connectivity, refined technology and imaginative design make it possible. It is stunning how impressive the sound from such a small object can be; at first glance it doesn’t even look like a speaker. Gone are the days of bulky boxes and giant hi-fi systems with countless controls and lights, which turned living rooms into tech-centres with the goal of overpowering listeners’ sense of music.


Today, great sound, cool appearance and convenient operation belong together. Modern speakers present themselves as designer pieces in extraordinary forms, various colours and quality materials. In this manner, every design style has matching hi-fi technology.


The BeoPlay A9 from Bang & Olufsen looks like a modern work of art: a round disk with a 70 cm diameter covered in white fabric standing on three wooden legs or which can be hung on the wall via a hidden mount. The operating controls can only be recognised when looking closely. The wireless technology streams music directly from your computer, smart phone or tablet which offers the maximum design freedom and incredible ease of use.


Even the battery-operated Zipp speaker by Libratone misleads observers: a colourful felt cover with a zipper conceals a small, cylindrical speaker. The compact, technological wonder comes with a cover in your choice of eight different colours. It is a witty accessory that looks as great on the book shelf as it does outside on the garden table.


Furniture with integrated speakers and connections for devices are also eye-catching. The speaker chair is a classic in this area. A plug lets you connect your smartphone, gaming console or DVD player directly to the cube, upholstered in synthetic leather. Whoever sits on it will feel the bass tones as well as hear them.


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