Somewhere to stay on holiday – an experiment

Somewhere to stay on holiday – an experiment

What’s it like living in a loft which looks so great in photos? Or in a farmer’s cottage? In modern glass architecture? A holiday is an opportunity to try it once.



There’s no place like home – we all know that. But even people who appreciate their cosy little house in the country occasionally want a taste of modern city life. And some city dwellers love moving away from their usual home to stay in a rural idyll with a stable atmosphere once a year. Take this free time to experiment! What’s it like living in a loft? Or in a villa which was built by a great architect? Portals like or will help you in the search for your special quarters.


For example, there is the master rooms. The unconventional hostel lies on the land of an old cotton mill in Leipzig, which is today a district for creative endeavours, where galleries, studios and workshops ensure a special kind of atmosphere. The guests live in historical architecture, in three spacious lofts. The charming establishment includes rolling beds and a kitchen in the former laundry room. How do you think it feels to be a part of 21st century Bohemian life? You can try it here.


A stay in the Huberhaus is the total opposite. At a height of 1,500 metres in the Swiss Oberwallis, time passes by more slowly, and life is determined by the rhythm of the seasons. The historical monument, in which you can feel like a Alm-Öhi, dates back to the 16th century; and with its old beams, low ceilings and creaking floors it still possesses its centuries-old original charm. The bath and kitchen are new installations, but they are heated only by the wood-burning stove!


Do you want to live in what was once the villa of a great architect? If yes, welcome to the Haus Schminke. The former industrialist’s villa waits for its guests on the Eastern edge of the Lusatian Highlands, in the midst of an English garden complex. The building, designed in the 1930s by the famous Hans Scharoun – who also created the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra – is a monumental building, and one which is as extravagant as it is functional. It is one of the excellent examples of “New Building”.


But real children’s dreams can also be fulfilled: in the Urban Treehouse, visitors can spend nights among chirping birds and squirrels. Here you live, at a height of 4 metres, in the middle of the nature of the Grunewald forest and yet just outside the gates of Berlin. Both dwellings offer everything that is necessary: a combined bedroom-living room with kitchen, a shower room and a covered terrace. Those arriving here with children no longer need worry about ensuring that they continue to have fun.


But what if, after the end of the holiday, you don’t want any more of it, because the district already feels like home? Then exciting times are afoot: the search for that dream object in which you want to live every day from this moment on…


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