Spread Christmas cheer with simple decorations

One look at this “frosty” lantern and it’s hard to avoid getting into the festive spirit. The handicraft idea also stems from the DIY Academy’s treasure trove.

Would you like to lend a bit more festive flair to your home, while trying out something new? These handicraft ideas make it quite easy for you to create customised, festive decorations. We invite you to try them out!

Idea 1: Illumination element

Thanks to the invention of the LED, it is becoming even less complicated and more energy-efficient to light up your home during the holiday season. An illumination element, consisting of a frame and a small string of battery-powered LED fairy lights, is just the right decoration for all those who prefer a minimalistic look. You can instantly create a festive ambience by adding a matching font consisting of flexible letters. And best of all: After Christmas, it takes no time at all to redecorate the illumination element, so that you can continue to enjoy it throughout the entire year. Visit the DIY Academy, where you can find precise instructions on how to build your own illumination element.

Idea 2: Cork table decoration

You can not only create an Advent wreath made out of bottle corks; you can also craft an attractive table decoration. Glue an object that reflects the season to the corks, such as a thin chipboard cut-out of a Christmas tree or an elk consisting of synthetic material that was made in a craft shop. All it takes to transform these objects into the crowning element of your cork decoration and, ultimately, the festive table is just a little white paint. Make sure that the cork is level on the bottom, to ensure that it stable.

Idea 3: Poinsettias always add a seasonal touch

A tip for all those who either do not enjoy crafting or simply do not have enough time: Visit your local gardening centre to pick up a few poinsettias and use them to decorate windowsills, shelves or tables. After all, what is more capable of spreading Christmas cheer than those red poinsettias? There is a hardly a decoration that is more easy or effective.

Idea 4: Window decorations

When it is snowing and stormy outside, then it is a great time to sit indoors and enjoy the view through the window. What’s more, if these are even decorated with window decorations, then this truly evokes a festive atmosphere. Transparencies in the shape of snowflakes or stars are a wonderful way to give your home a cosy flair, plus there are certain types that are statically charged and can therefore be easily removed from windows without leaving any trace. Those who would like to adopt a more creative approach can also use a water-based chalk marker to create your own window decoration. The liquid chalk markers and corresponding painting patterns designed by the artist Bine Brändle are available at dm stores.

Idea 5: Creative tree ornaments

Many of us have seen handcrafted stars consisting of straw or paper. So how about creating Christmas ornaments from other materials? Iron-on beads are, for example, perfectly suited for this purpose. Give your fantasy free reign and use the little beads to create snowflakes, Christmas trees or stars. Then simply iron over them, tie a string into a knot and your original Christmas tree decoration is ready to go. Another alternative involves wood to craft ornaments. Visit the DIY Academy to find out how you can create beautiful tree ornaments using wooden discs and photo cardboard.

Idea 6: Festive lanterns

Handcrafted lanterns made of jam or mustard glasses are well on their way to becoming a true classic design element. An especially elegant version can be created with decorations reminiscent of ice flowers. The most important crafting tool is an ice crystal aerosol spray. Just how to do this is also featured in the DIY Academy as one of their special topics. Here you can also find suitable templates for the star appliqué.



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