Sensual-abstract and full of life – Artist profile “Angela Lohr”

Sensual-abstract and full of life – Artist profile “Angela Lohr”

Her energetic pictures are full of revelations. Angela Lohr from Markt Rettenbach creates moments of sensuality with her abstract pictures.


At first glance, her pictures are full of mystery. With wild explosions of colour they appear abstract and graphic, yet simultaneously lively. Only after closer inspection are details apparent: the haptic structure, formed by layers of earth, paper or coal; the delicate character and witting hidden in the motifs; the dynamic interplay between colours and forms; the effect of light and vitality – an absolute pleasure for the senses.


When discussing her approach, she said, “It is always a surprise to see what effects the forms on the canvas have.” The 62-year-old discovered painting approximately 20 years ago. Angela Lohr trained with K.P. Frank in Munich and Georg Kleber in Augsburg, she has been working successfully in her own workshop in Markt Rettenbach in the Bavarian district of Unterallgäu since 2003. The city of Kempten awarded her the renowned Thomas Dachser Memorial Prize in 2009. Her works were already present in many exhibitions, such as one recently in the Tafelhaus, a villa in Kempten built in 1887. The gorgeous work here is titled: “The Lord of the Colours”.


Angela Lohr’s brush strokes are spontaneous and bold. Black and red are the dominate colours. She expresses her energy and feelings in flaring gestures on the canvas. With a smile, the charismatic artist with her distinctive blond curly hair stated, “Colours and forms depend directly on the mood and experience of the observer.” “In the best case, the observer recognises their own experiences within the piece,” she said. “That means that they can form a personal relationship with what is actually an abstract picture.”


Her works are in a number of various formats. Sometimes she uses 40 by 40 cm canvases, sometimes 120 by 150 cm. The only thing that matters to Angela Lohr is the pure impact. She likes to find inspiration on long journeys, which have led her as far as Nepal to visit the Buddhist Kingdom of Mustang. Mysterious and mythical describe her artistic creations perfectly.


Her expressive works are enchanting, show touching moments and are impressed with complete sensuality. “The head and understanding are not involved at first,” explained Angela Lohr. She insists on creating works which make their impact in the gut. She described her method, “I only start to consciously align and form the composition, place accents or work on the focus once the outline of a picture is finished.” “My works are successful when they evoke individual emotions in the observers,” stated the artist modestly.


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