Relax at Home – The bathroom as a home spa

Relax at Home – The bathroom as a home spa

Relaxing after a long, hard day at work – in one’s own home spa, a place formerly known as ‚the bathroom‘. More and more home-owners are making this dream come true. Bathrooms are becoming larger and increasingly feature high-quality natural materials like natural stone or wood. Waterfall shower and sauna or steam bath complete the wellness oasis.

The most popular bathroom colour has shifted from grey to a brilliant white. High-gloss lacquer surfaces have displaced plastic sheeting as top sellers and the use of clear or satin glass today defines contemporary bathroom designs. Glass, lacquer, ceramics and the stainless steel of the bathroom fittings – all these are cool materials which, in combination with a warm counterbalance like wood, create a comfortable, harmonious ambience.


Natural wood in the bathroom
Wood creates a pleasant, warm and natural living environment. This makes it the perfect basis for all barefoot areas and increases the feel-good factor tangibly, in the true sense of the word. But not every wood floor is suitable for installation in bathrooms. Special parquet floors have been developed for use in home spas. To put up with moisture, the wood types used must have a very low shrinkage and swelling behaviour like Oak or Merbau. With a glue-down parquet floor deep treated with natural oil, the previously mundane bathroom unit turns into a perfect feel-good oasis.

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