Quick-change artist for small spaces

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People with small spaces or who move a lot need intelligent furniture. The multitude of solutions is bewildering.


Everyone who has travelled through southern lands knows: hospitality is not dependent on having a large house with a guest room. In fact just the opposite is true. The need to close ranks and improvise turns a simple visit by friends into a special occasion. Versatile, multi-functional furniture serves well in exactly these kinds of situations.  They are small and make spaces appear more generous during every-day situations. But when guests arrive, they conjure up additional accommodation for sitting and sleeping.


The folding sofa is a classic in this category. While older style sofa beds required extensive construction work to complete the transformation, modern variants change at the turn of a hand. The result is often surprising: only a couple motions are required to turn the chic three-person sofa into a bunk bed with ladder. Friends of the slim, reduced design get their money’s worth. New, lighter models with clear forms, graceful steel frames and cleverly hidden supports offer alternatives to the well-known, massive folding sofa.


Clever multi-function furniture makes flexible and generous living possible in small spaces. Whether in the workshop, holiday flat or in a big city studio apartment, it gives you a lot of freedom. The sideboard has a minimalistic design with a fold-out table which provides enough room for four people to share a meal and can also be used as a workplace. The special highlight: four folding chairs, which fit perfectly with the puristic design of the quick-change artist, are stored in two drawers.


Even designers have discovered the coffee table to be a practical helper. With an integrated, hidden mini bar and storage for magazines, or as a modular system with two integrated benches, it makes even the smallest living room a great place for parties.


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