Prolonging the Balcony and Terrace Season

The moon fire bowl by the designer Peter Keilbach lights up the garden, thus lending it a fireplace-like atmosphere. In addition, it can stay outside through-out the entire year. It serves to warm, provide cosy light and can even be used as a barbecue.

Summertime is best spent outside.

With a glass of iced tea in your hand, your gaze falls on the magnificent blossoms and the sun warms your face. It doesn’t matter whether you are sitting on your little balcony in the city or on your terrace in the midst of your garden. Either way, it’s hard to bid farewell to those long summer evenings spent outside, isn’t it?

But you can still spend time outside in autumn. We encourage you to enjoy a few more summer moments with the help of these accessories.

Select rainproof furniture from the outset

In late summer, it does cool down faster in the evening, plus the weather is increasingly unpredictable. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in weatherproof seating that dries quickly right at the start of gardening season. You can also leave them outside without having to worry about how they will fare in the autumn and winter.

Garden or balcony furniture made of wipeable poly rattan are particularly well suited for this. However, if you prefer natural base materials, then you could also opt for teak wood. This tropical precious wood is a popular choice for outdoor areas. When making the purchase, please pay attention to the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate, as it ensures that the wood stems from sustainable land use.

Surrounded by a light breeze

A fresh breeze can be quite enjoyable while taking a walk, but it can quickly become too chilly on the balcony. Protect your guests and yourself from air that is becoming cooler with awnings and partitions.

Whether sun, privacy or wind protection: you can choose from a wide range of various awnings and partitions. There is the right type for your apartment’s small balcony as well as your home’s large terrace.

Reclaim the evening sun

Do you also love those long summer days? Even in autumn, you don’t need to bid farewell to lots of light: fortunately, there are fairy lights and lanterns that are designed for use outside and most of them are also solar powered. During the day, they collect energy and in the evening, they ensure you are surrounded by a soft glow.

You can attach the small lights almost anywhere – on balcony trellises, trees, on the awning, flowerpots or the exterior wall. Create an even cosier atmosphere by adding candles in large lanterns. Immerse your garden in gentle light! Candle holders featuring an oriental design are especially fashionable at the moment.

DIY idea

Combine late-summer plants with pleasant lighting accents. For example, take a large used glass and wrap heather sprigs around it. Then place a tea light in it. Now you have the perfect decoration for the last barbecue of the year. Please select the largest possible glass, to ensure that the sprigs are not too close to the candle.

Cosy source of heat for outdoors

Hammock, lounge chair or collapsible chair: in the summer, it’s important that balcony and garden furniture are as airy as possible. Whereas in autumns, it’s time to use your favourite wool blanket and a few pillows outside. Rely on thick, fluffy materials. A velvet covering provides more warmth than one made of smooth satin.

Transform your terrace or balcony into a late-summer living room: display a fire bowl, which is just as cosy as an outdoor fireplace. Then you can relax in the glow of the fire while enjoying the season’s first bowl of pumpkin soup outside.

Our tip for even more cosiness: place carpets on the floor of the terrace or the balcony. There is now a large selection of outdoor carpets and it doesn’t matter if a few raindrops fall on them.

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