Poufs for Unconventional Living

Poufs for Unconventional Living

Sometimes it is a stool, other times an end table, sometimes just a head turner in a stylish living room: those who like it flexible and nonchalant need a Pouf.


Active sitting is trend. We know this from the office: to distribute weight on muscles, intervertebral discs and joints as evenly as possible, we should always change our posture and never remain in one position for too long. So what does that have to do with a piece of furniture called a „Pouf?“ It is the perfect translation of active sitting in the living room. Use it as a foot rest or sit down and use it as a chair. Or simply sit on the carpet and use the friendly piece furniture as an armrest. Expecting guests? Quickly add an extra seat by including the Pouf in the mix.


What is actually the correct name and spelling? „Puff“ is the official German word for this padded stool though we still refer to it as „Pouf“ like the original French term. It is there the practical yet beautiful furniture originated. The „Meyers Großes Konversationslexikon“ of 1905 defines it as follows: „a round upholstered chair especially fancied in lady boudoirs.“


Thanks to its flexibility, the Pouf has made a name for itself in commercial use for some time now. In a large living room where the seating area is prominent, the Pouf acts as a colourful jack of all trades. In a small parlour, it makes the ideal addition when guests arrive. Some Poufs provide storage space under the removable cover as a multifunctional piece of furniture. It can conceal a throw blanket or laundry in the bedroom. „Edam“ from Montis even has a drawer on the side to accommodate TV remote controls or magazines. And while sofa designers tend to restrain themselves a bit (and for good reason), they can really loosen up and demonstrate courage by using unusual shapes, colours and patterns as an invigorating accent in an otherwise manicured living room.


By the way: regardless of its function, the Pouf is also a welcome playground for people who love needlework: crochet, patchwork, fabric, carpet or leather. It makes set up even more fun.


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