popstahl kitchens – colour for life!

popstahl kitchens – colour for life!

Green Olive, Beetroot, Kohlrabi, Lemon, Roquefort, Golden Millet Oil – ingredients for a perfect, healthy dinner? Not only that: These are also the colours of popstahl kitchens, founded in Berlin in 2009 by two architects, Christian Thimmes and Ralf Weißheimer. Popstahl is coloured metal. Not painted, but rather powder-coated to provide an extremely robust surface that is easy to clean. Now that’s practical!


popstahl kitchens are both tough and beautiful

Using steel, popstahl places timeless design, quality and strength as its central focus, along with sustainability through the durability of its products. The unique handle flap in the front colour was developed by the company founders. Without a bow-type handle, the kitchen looks much more comfortable. The simplicity in the appearance and materials allows the kitchen to durably match any lifestyle. This is another example of sustainability.


The entire body and the front are manufactured from folded plate steel. The special filling of the front gives the steel a full sound and a warm touch and prevents the typical metallic tone. The furniture obtains its coloured surface through the powder coating method. This is a highly stable and elastic colour coating without the use of any solvent. The pure colour powder – which can be almost any RAL colour – is merged with the plate steel and produces a durable bond. popstahl 100 % steel kitchen furniture cannot therefore thin out or flake. Over 40 years of experience in the production of steel furniture by the manufacturer fuel the development and production of new lines of steel kitchens. „Silver Touch“, a hot rolled 5 mm stainless steel plate, is particularly suitable as a work surface, but work surfaces from concrete, wood, glass and natural or artificial stone are popular. popstahl offers appliances from all significant manufacturers. As an extra, a back plate fitting in perfectly with the kitchen with a cabinet, hidden railing and lighting and coloured felt inserts is recommended.


In addition to the central office and showroom in Berlin, there is now a branch office in Bavaria. popstahl kitchens are also on display in the workshop in Raubling near Rosenheim (south of Munich): a large kitchen island in light green Kohlrabi and three lemon yellow tall cabinets with appliances.  The gourmet chef Andres Stremitzer takes inspiration from a paprika red popstahl kitchen in his restaurant „Stremitzer’s Esszimmer“ [Stremitzer’s dining room] in Berchtesgaden. Anyone interested can get their hands on the open kitchen and also indulge in the culinary treats.

Photo source: www.popstahl.de / Photo: Georg Grainer / Jan Kuhlke


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