Picture perfect radios

Picture perfect radios

In the age of the smartphone and tablet, the radio seems like a discontinued model but dedicated designers wouldn’t allow it. That’s why there are more exciting and tastefully designed devices than ever.


We can be glad that the radio did not follow the same path as other previously cherished everyday objects. Just think of a typewriter or an indestructible phone handset – cultural assets that are almost exclusively on display in a museum. The radio still holds its own as cult object stylised by designers with a simple exterior and an interior featuring the latest technology. Let’s take a look at an exterior made of aluminium and a real walnut veneer, for example. The „Heritage“ digital radio offers classic European design and a brilliant sound. For this model, the manufacturer Revo even developed its own speaker. You can listen to Internet radio or stream an audio program on a PC or Mac using the WiFi receiver. Thanks to an iPod docking station, it can also play songs from your smartphone.


The „flow“ is even purer – it’s a radio worth checking out! The transparent exterior is extremely simple while the technology was reduced to a minimum: a speaker, on/off switch, tuner, volume and AUX-In interface in case the radio stops working. That’s all there is to it. But it’s enough. Since it is battery operated, the radio can maintain its „flow“ in the garden, at a picnic or in the toilet. Of course, the device can also be run using a mains adaptor just like its predecessors.


The title of the easiest radio in the world goes to Tivoli’s „Model One BT“ with an AM/FM receiver and three knobs. Bluetooth technology also makes it wireless and progressive: play your favourite hits from a smartphone or notebook over the loudspeakers.


And now for a real gem in retro style: the „Wooden Table Radio 1200.“ The case is made out of a beautifully grained wood veneer or a high quality piano lacquer. The colours are also classic: black, white or red. Like the Tivoli, search for the station the old-fashioned way using a radio dial. A port for external sources of music is also included. The small format has surprisingly rich sound: the speakers boast 30 watts of power with automatically controlled volume.


Despite all the love for design, don’t forget what a radio is all about: fantastic music that sounds great.


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