“Outsourcing”: everything must go

“Outsourcing”: everything must go

Summer is finally here. Everything that is not nailed down will be “outsourced”. The outdoor kitchen has been popular in the USA for a while now. Entire grill stations with stainless steel plates or woks take their places on the balcony for more than just the summer. Grill workshops are constantly sold out in Germany. Is there anything better than a good barbecue with friends on a warm summer night?


Of course, the necessary equipment should not be forgotten. The massive outdoor furniture from Weishäupl Möbelwerkstätten in Stephanskirchen is made from natural teak wood and delivers the expected comfort. The furniture from the “Deck” series offers exception storage space: from silverware to table linen, there is enough room for everything.


Even the flooring plays its part. People used to grill on tiles or in a specially designated grilling area, but now people install a high-quality wood floor on the terrace. This provides a comfortable Mediterranean atmosphere. Life, or at least the social part, is temporary moved outdoors.


BU: The Deck outdoor kitchen from Weishäupl Möbelwerkstätten – produced in natural teak wood with granite plates, with one drawer and one shelf – offers plenty of storage and thereby fulfils all of the requirements for a kitchen.


BU: As comfortable as in the dinning room: The “Bord” series from natural teak. Cushions from fabric or felt are available for the stackable chairs. The table in the “Bord” series can be extended.


BU: (Photo with cut potatoes, olive oil etc.) Meals can be prepared on the terrace directly on the polished grey and white granite plate – the kitchen will be ignored this summer.


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