Nostalgia for connoisseurs

Nostalgia for connoisseurs

Ovens made of stainless steel, ceramic and glass are practical, chic and easy to clean. But what about a nostalgic model with brass knobs and rich colours – what kind of performance can you expect from those? The technology: contemporary. The appearance: the sheer magnificence.



Paris, 1900: Members of high society got their entertainment in theatre, drank sparkling champagnes and dined in fine restaurants. In this “Belle Epoque”, Albert Dupuy, a gourmet chef and genius inventor, revolutionised french cooking with the “gas-fired roasting and baking apparatus La Cornue”. The food in it did not dry out owing to the circulating air. Dupuy‘s ovens found their place in the kitchens of the time, and La Cornue became a brand name.


More than 100 years later, and these gorgeous shiny cooking devices can still be found! Just like in times past, they are made of cast iron, brass, stainless steel and enamel; only the best materials are used. Another thing with La Cornue is that, today, each model is fully assembled by hand, and always made to order. The fact that clients have to wait at least two months for their oven does not bother them. Anticipation is known to be the greatest joy.


In a nostalgic oven of today – other well-known manufacturers include e.g. J. Corradi from Italy and AGA from England – there is of course everything that ambitious hobby chefs want: induction areas, gas burners, a wood-burning stove, a multi-function oven (gas or electricity) as well as a hotplate for the finished meals. Some ovens also work as a heating cabinet for cooking with low temperatures. In order to make the assembly perfect, the manufacturers supply appropriate wall plates made of stainless steel as well as hoods. They can be black, dark red, green, white, chrome or steel gray: the colour the fronts depends entirely on the customer’s choice.


One special highlight that the manufacturer J. Corradi has included in the programme: the “Thermo” series ovens can be integrated in a domestic heating system. With this, the heat generated in the brazier of the oven contributes to the heating of water in radiators or even floor heating. If a heat exchanger or a collection system – a so-called buffer – is used, the oven can even be used for the provision of hot water in the household.


How nice: those who love nostalgic splendour as well are still far from yesterday.


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