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Decorative items with a maritime theme are definitely in. Fish, anchors, ropes and shells serve as vivid reminders of holidays, beaches and the sea. With a little dexterity and an eye for decorating, you can easily replicate such items yourself. Here are a few ideas for giving your home a stylish nautical look.

Anything connected with sea, sand and summer can be used a part of the beach-house look. The blues of sky and water along with white are the predominant colours here. Pieces of driftwood or metal nautical gear from ships can also be used as decoration. But, as is the case for all home decor, make sure you don’t overdo it! It’s easy to overdecorate, and the result is an untidy room rather than the chic, elegant look you are aiming for.

But if you limit yourself to one or two eye-catching decorative items in front of a white wall, there’s not much that can go wrong. The psychology of home decorating tells us that the more white we use, the purer the atmosphere we create. To avoid making things look too sterile, we should occasionally aim for a touch of imperfection. A piece of furniture with peeling paint or treasures found on the beach during your last holiday that have been made look like they’ve been randomly scattered about your room – items like these add charm and a personal touch.

White-washed ship decking or white floorboards are an ideal way to create a nautical look. Planks with natural knotholes and a pitted surface make you feel like you’re standing on the deck of a ship or in a weather-beaten wooden beach house. Provided your floor is white or a lightish colour, you might think about painting one or more of your walls blue or turquoise. The more courageous amongst you could even use attention-grabbing, sea-themed wallpaper in aqua colours. When all this is combined with white-blue net curtains billowing in the breeze from an open window, you’ll think you’re living right next to the sea.

As we mentioned above, a flair for imperfection is an intrinsic part of the nautical look, and that is why this decorating style is particularly suitable for do-it-yourselfers. Plant some grass in a rustic pot and put in a top layer of sand. Add some shells or starfish to your creation, and you have your own private dune! Or you can try out some simple origami and decorate your table with white paper folded into the shape of a boat. Give free rein to your imagination and bring that holiday feel to your home!

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