Mirrors reflect the great power of small accessories

This golden eye mirror is an absolute eye-catcher when mounted on dark walls. Available at www.audenza.com.

The fascinating realm of mirrors. In addition to viewing your reflection, they can also be used to spatially enhance a room, construct interesting decorative items or create ingenious multimedia objects.

A few facts about mirrors

The mirrors we are familiar with today have been around since the 19th century. They are made by applying an ultra-thin layer of reflective coating to a sheet of glass. This thin layer on the mirror may consist of aluminium or silver. If crystal glass is used, which is particularly transparent and has a higher refractive index, then it is referred to as a crystal mirror. The higher quality of this product is naturally reflected in the price. Moreover, there are also various special mirrors, such as bathroom mirrors specifically designed for high-humidity areas, or faceted mirrors whose edges have been enhanced with a facet cut.

Decorative mirrors

Even if its sole purpose is to reflect a person’s image, a mirror is always an impressive object, whether it’s standing on the floor, hanging on the wall or perched on the table. But when its decorative impact is accentuated by a remarkable design, a mirror can become a real eye-catcher. What’s more, there are no limits to mirror designers’ creativity. There’s something for everyone in terms of both personal preference and interior décor – from extravagantly designed frames and bizarre shapes right through to ornate arrangements of concave and convex surfaces.

Mirrors that spatially enhance a room

The impact of a mirror can also be used for more practical purposes. After all, a large reflective surface on the wall makes a room appear much larger than it really is, because it is quite difficult for our eyes to perceive the actual dimensions. For example, a narrow corridor can be optically transformed into a generously-sized foyer or a small lounge can assume the appearance of a spacious drawing room. You can also use these spatially enhancing properties outside the house, for instance, by installing a mirror on your patio or in your garden to enhance the overall spatial impression.

Bathroom mirrors

Virtually all bathrooms have a mirror in them. After all, who wants to leave the house in the morning without a quick glance in the mirror? Shaving or applying make-up would be extremely challenging without the help thereof. Generally, bathroom mirrors are equipped with a special coating to avoid damage due to the higher level of humidity. Plus, there is a wide range of bathroom mirrors with various designs and shapes: with or without LED lighting, as a room divider or hanging on the wall, featuring an integrated shelf or cabinet – the possibilities are virtually endless.

Mirrors with TV screens

Modern bathroom mirrors offer another function as well – an integrated TV. Before such a product is switched on, it looks like any other conventional mirror; however, once it is activated the surface is either entirely or partially transformed into a TV screen. This means you can lounge in the bathtub, while watching your favourite soap or get up to speed on the latest news while shaving. By the way – there are not just mirror TVs the bathroom they are,  also available for other areas of the home, such as kitchens or children’s bedrooms.

  • This golden eye mirror is an absolute eye-catcher when mounted on dark walls. Available at www.audenza.com.
  • This platinum record is hit-worthy! Although it looks like an album, this is an acrylic mirror that has a wooden back for easy mounting. Seen at www.radbag.de.
  • The “Aurora V40” mirror TV from Spiegel ID is available with a range of LED lighting and a choice of positions for the TV screen: right, left or centre.
  • Minimalistic and yet ingenious, the six-sided “Epure” mirror from Kann Design features a colourfully varnished frame. It can be ordered at www.einrichten-design.de.
  • Round mirrors are trendy. A collage of mirrors in different sizes serves as an elaborate decorative feature for the walls of your home.
  • With its rounded edges and circular 16 cm LED light, the “Holly 2” mirror truly attracts attention.
  • A sloping roof can make things tricky. The solution is a bathroom mirror tailored to suit your individual specifications. Available from www.spiegel21.de.
  • This eye-catching wall decoration consisting of three separate diamond-shaped mirrors creates fascinating light reflections in the room.
  • Inga Sempé has designed the “Vitrail” mirror collection for Magis. Made up of fragments of different coloured glass, the mirrors are available in four different formats.
  • Designed by Ulf Moritz for Schönbuch, “EPOCA” is a family of circular mirrors in five sizes, with15 cm-deep housings and a wide range of colours. The largest is also available as a mirror cabinet.
  • The TV picture is only displayed when the power switch is activated. When switched off, the entire surface area can be used as a mirror. The size and position of the TV screen can be selected on an individual basis. Available from www.spiegel21.de.
  • Circu " alt=""Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all”? The “Magical Mirror” from Circu, with integrated TV, looks like something Snow White herself has magically conjured up for a child’s bedroom." class="swipebox full-image-available image-with-copyright grid-image" copyright='Circu' src="https://www.haro-inspires.com/en/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2019/08/mirrors-fairytale-snowwhite-princess-pink-300x400.jpg">
  • Tailored to the customer’s individual specifications, this mirror room divider can be fitted with additional features such as LED lights, clocks or power plugs.
  • For fans of both open and closed shelving, the “München” mirror cabinet is available in a wide range of models.

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