Micro houses – A new trend in modern living

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„One day you realise you don’t need 99% of the things you have. You take all the clutter and throw it away.“ These are lyrics from the song „Leichtes Gespäck“ (light luggage) by the German band Silbermond, and they really seem to catch the essence of our time. In self-help books, blogs and interior design magazines you can find more and more people enthusiastically reporting about how liberating it is to declutter and only keep what is absolutely necessary. Their motto is „less is more“. Ultimately, it means that you need less living space if you own less. The new trend towards small and even tiny living units is only a logical consequence.

Reducing possessions to a minimum gives many people a feeling of inner tidiness. It helps them to focus on what is really essential and important in life. Travelling with light luggage is much easier. This is also gaining more and more importance as the modern world forces working people to become more flexible and mobile. It is no wonder that researchers assume that part of humanity will live in mobile units in the future. Isn’t it a tempting thought to take your precious home with you when you move? Or is it just an idea of quixotic visionaries? Not at all. There are several companies that offer exactly this: small, portable houses.

„coodo“ – take your house with you

One of these flexible, mobile and functional mini houses is „coodo“ by the German company LTG (short for Lofts to go). The name says it all. „coodos“ are available in several sizes from 9 to 96 square metres. With their floor-to-ceiling glazing and the puristic design, they are completely in line with the latest trends. One speciality is the „watercoodo“, which can float on water by means of a pontoon. The small houses by LTG have been in production in Switzerland since February 2015.

„Fincube“ – Werner Aisslinger’s vision of mobile living

The „Fincube“, which is a vision of the renowned designer Werner Aisslinger, is also designed as a portable building. The minimalist and modern mobile home is built and sold by the Fincube company from South Tyrol. The square cube of the building made out of wood is equipped with a 360-degree glass facade. Wood slat cladding on the outside provides a privacy shield and protection from the sun. The flat roof can either be greened or upgraded with a photovoltaic system for generating electricity. The „Fincube“ is available with a floor space of around 49 and 70 square metres. A sample house can be visited in Unterinn in Italy.

„FlyingSpace“ – a prefabricated house manufacturer strikes a new path

SchwörerHaus, one of Germany’s largest manufacturers of prefabricated houses, now has a mobile micro house in its product range, too: „FlyingSpace“. Similiar to the other designs, it also focuses on functionality. The house module consists of a cube-shaped building structure. A flat-bed truck delivers „FlyingSpace“ to the construction site. The finished house is then carried by crane to its location and connected to water, electricity and communication lines. This is usually done within one day. The module can either be connected to an existing building, be freestanding or stacked.

New types of housing?

The future is already being built. Micro houses are up and coming. Of course, not all of us will be living in these kinds of mini and micro units, but the smart little homes are certainly a gain for the often monotonous building landscapes and the best housing alternative for some people.

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