Megatrend Copper, Brass, Gold

Lifts even the darkest corridors: The Panton Wire wall shelf in gold (by the design maestro Verner Panton).

Copper, brass, gold – As deco elements and furniture now shine in a new look, there is no getting around these and other precious metals. Everyday life has been glamourised!

For a long time, gold was solely used for those very special moments: ladies put on their gold jewellery for the night out at the opera, and golden sequin dresses were worn to cocktail parties. When it came to interior design and accessories, things were not much different: gold cutlery could be found in the houses of royals and nobility, while all others lived with stainless steel and silver. Gold has now found its way into everyday life! Everything glimmers, from the neatly set dining table to soap dispensers. Of course, not all that glitters is real gold. Usually, it is ‚only‘ a noble finish. The metallic nuances range from warm copper tones to matt brass and shiny yellow gold.

Metallic, the all-rounder of style
While not too long ago the word metallic evoked pictures of Spaceship Enterprise or other futuristic visions, the new metallic look breathes glamour. Dimly lit lounges and bars  with the soft and warm glow of brass lamps is just one example. Art-deco style living rooms which enchant with glamorous gold accessories is another. This interior trend has even found its way into sober Scandinavian study rooms: golden desk lamps or pen holders are catching on. The design master Tom Dixon  from London recently introduced elegant, shimmering staplers and hole punchers. Office work, too, is now chic.

From really small to really big
The metallic living trend started off small with copper trays, golden tea lights or brass-coloured vases. Arranged into stylish groups, they enriched sideboards and window sills. Now, the trend is growing and you can even find coffee tables, sideboards and shelves covered with a shiny alloy. However, in the home they should only be used as individual eye-catchers. Interior designers like Wolfram Neugebauer agree that copper, brass and gold should never be used too extensively but only to create accents.

Three ideal combinations
One reason why copper, brass and gold have become such a huge trend in interior design is also due to their strong character, as they create perfect contrasts to all other elements of a room. Take wood, for example: a sturdy dining table gets a chic look thanks to shiny gold accessories. Black is given depth. White looks less cool. The smooth, metal surface of copper and other metals takes a back seat in the interplay and allows the structure of surrounding objects and textiles to stand out more. An understatement that only the most talented can master…

An article by Janina Temmen

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