What makes vintage living so attractive?

What makes vintage living so attractive?

„Vintage living“ is one of the most important current living trends. It combines the pleasant patina of furniture from the 50s and 60s with the refined simplicity of contemporary designs. The result is incredibly confident and nonchalant. We’ll tell you what ingredients you need and how to combine them convincingly.


„Vintage:“ what does it really mean? Consulting the dictionary gives you conflicting interpretations. As a noun, it is translated from English as „a vintage wine“ or „grape harvesting“ in general. As an adjective, it can mean both „ancient“ and „excellent“ – and as a combination of all these meanings, we finally understand it as it relates to living. „Vintage,“ we summarise, is a residential style including furniture and design elements that are time honoured, were extensively used yet still look marvellous. Vintage living today is totally hip.


We’ve been exposed to revivals of classic furniture for more than 30 years; Le Corbusier, Breuer, Jacobsen and Eames are good friends found in many homes. Are they vintage? No, not really. Because it doesn’t solely depend on individual pieces of furniture as much as it does the atmosphere of the entire room. Scuffed corners, crumpled leather upholstery, somewhat faded materials and things like fortuitously combined accessories frequently bright in colour are the ingredients that make it grow. „I’m glad you’re here,“ says one such room, „relax, because that’s what I am, too: relaxed. And certainly not perfect.“


Those who appreciate such spaces enjoy shopping at flea markets and from retailers who specialise in old furniture renovation. Auction houses such as the one in Lauritz are also good sources. This style often costs a pretty penny. Still, more and more manufacturers are warming up to vintage living and are creating pieces with an aged aesthetic. They’re searching for older designs, shooting tabletops with shotguns and lightly sanding perfectly intact paint surfaces. Isn’t that „shabby chic?“ Yes and no. While shabby chic appeals to the country and farmhouse feel, vintage living is something for city dwellers. More than likely, it also includes the simple designs of the 50s and 60s – recently wonderfully staged in the „Mad Men“ TV series – that reach new heights.


Isn’t the Danish teak set that we used as children still in our parents‘ basement? Let’s have at it – you simply cannot get more vintage than this!


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