When luxury goes camping

When luxury goes camping

Luxury and camping – both go hand in hand. „Glamping“ is the new trend for the demanding outdoor holiday maker. Providers such as Canonici di Sanmarco near Venice have specialised in this glamorous version.


A thin sleeping pad through which even the smallest stone painfully penetrates into the back during sleep. Shaky tent constructions, plastic cutlery, mouldy sleeping bags and barrack style communal bathrooms. This is what the world of the camper used to look like. However, there is another way: „Glamping“. That stands for „glamorous camping“, i.e. camping with that certain something, with luxury, with style, with comfort.


A breath of „Out of Africa“ wafts through the stylishly furnished lodges. It is an elevated safari feeling in the middle of Europe. That is what Canonici di Sanmarco offers in Mirano near Venice. The floorboards in the spacious tent create a pleasant ambience. The canopy bed invites you to dream, accompanied by the regular evening concert of cicadas. The completely equipped, luxuriously formed bathroom in the lodge is a true oasis of well-being. In the luxury version of camping, you do not simply camp, you reside, incl. a king-size bed and electric light. Instead of barbecued sausage, there is star quality food.


It is a holiday in the country, in nature, far away from hotels and mass tourism. People’s longing for this is great. More and more holidaymakers are looking for individual accommodation facilities. They want to sense the feeling of freedom and adventure without having to do without certain comforts. „Glamping“ succeeds in the balancing act and combines luxury and outdoor experience. With the Italian provider Canoncini di Sanmarco, it even succeeds in the ecological balance.


„Glamping” is a stylish time-out from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life.

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