Life is too short to eat poorly

Life is too short to eat poorly

Cooking programmes are booming, cookbooks sell like hot cakes. But those who like to cook for themselves are often already annoyed by the first hurdle: shopping. And once you have arduously gathered all the ingredients in the supermarket 20 to 8 o’clock, fresh coriander is nowhere to be found and there is only herring in tomato sauce instead of anchovies. Kochhaus has provided an answer to these hurdles for three years now. Because

Kochhaus is the first food shop to dedicate itself to the topic of cooking on your own in the form of an accessible recipe book. The recipe for success: Kochhaus ingredients and products are not sorted by merchandise but by recipe. On freestanding tables full of fresh ingredients, customers will find everything they need for a particular dish – including step-by-step instructions in pictures.


250,000 cherry tomatoes sold
In September 2010, the fresh idea of Kochhaus first came to the table in Berlin. Success has since become apparent not least when 250,000 cherry tomatoes sold. In the eleven total accessible recipe books in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Münster and Regensburg, 300,000 recipe sets have been sold over the counter.


A delicious Christmas present: a Kochhaus gift certificate
Whether for Christmas, Easter, a birthday or another occasion, a Kochhaus gift certificate always makes a gift. Vouchers for cooking classes are also available. Prepared together in a relaxed atmosphere, a gourmet tour including three delicious courses awaits. Of course, the matching red and white wines should not be missed. Gift certificates for nationwide delivery service are also very popular and ideal for all Kochhaus fans outside of Kochhaus cities.


Kochhaus@home: nationwide delivery, cookbook
There is also good news for hobby cooks outside of Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Münster and Regensburg: in addition to the daily delivery service that supplies customers in all Kochhaus cities of indulgence with fresh recipe ideas, the nationwide delivery service offers an uncomplicated cooking experience with a „carefree subscription.“ Once a week, the customer receives an enjoyable and varying selection of marvellous home-cooking recipes including ingredients delivered right to their doorstep – regardless of whether the kitchen is located on Lake Constance or the island of Sylt. Kochhaus cookbooks „Einfach selber kochen“ (Cooking Simply on Your Own) and „Einfach schnell genießen“ (Simple Quick Enjoyment) each contain 80 recipes and are available in both Kochhaus locations and book shops.

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