Lanterns for long summer nights

Lanterns for long summer nights

Soft, flickering candle light isn’t merely romantic in winter. Lanterns in elegant designs provide a vibrant setting for balconies, terraces and gardens.


What is more beautiful than relaxing outside on a warm summer evening? Grilling with friends, enjoying the evening with a glass of wine or reading an exciting books – life on the terrace or balcony lifts the mood. Lanterns with soft candle light complete the relaxed and romantic atmosphere.


Decent elegance is currently the trend in the design of high-quality glass holders for candles to tee lights. Whether in a classic, slim form with a heavy base and curved glass cylinder or completely frugal and straight: the effect of the candle light is the priority. High-quality and natural materials such as stone, oiled wood or natural leather give the lantern an individual character and are especially fitting in a green living room. Lanterns from recycled materials such as the WineLight from side by side, made from old wine bottles and oakwood, are original and sustainable.


Large lanterns function well on the ground as an optical border for terraces or impressive lighting to set the mood along garden paths and stairs. Many, smaller lanterns form a practical solution on the table. Frosted or coloured glass tempers the intensity of the candle light. Swinging lanterns are a highlight for parties: hanging from tree branches, they conjure a mysterious atmosphere in the garden.


That is one of the beautiful benefits of lanterns compared to permanently installed lighting, which only require a button to turn on: they can be rearranged according to desire and need; they can always be positioned right where you need them to produce a soft ray of light.


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