Kitchen gadgets with style

Kitchen gadgets with style

The stirring spoon made of olive wood, the hand forged knife, the acrylic chilli grinder: what is good for cooking should also look appealing – and should not get lost in the drawer.


A kitchen today is not only used for stirring, cutting and chopping. Modern tools can do all those things perfectly but also win awards, fit comfortably in the hand and are of exquisite quality. The reason for this is the growing interest in cooking which is celebrated in more and more TV shows and the trend toward an open kitchen. That way, everything is visible from the living room. The perfect setting for stylish accessories.



High-quality materials are a priority even for small gadgets. Just consider wood: good old beech no longer does the trick. Today, stirring spoons are made of oiled olive wood, pear trees are used for cutting boards and knife handles are made of polished plum, cherry or walnut burl wood. Meat or vegetables are sliced by an extra hard, extra thin polished carbon steel blade. A cook in the market for such a jewel, however, can expect to pay about 80 euros. Of course, none of these tasteful kitchen gadgets are dishwasher safe. Realistically, accessories from living room decorations would not be put through a cycle, either.


Cooking is the show, the kitchen a stage. One of the main characters: the high-quality food processor. It kneads, mixes and stirs virtually automatically. Fans of ambitious baking cheer at the sight of such an all-around talent. One of the most fashionable models, now a classic, is made by Kitchen-Aid. Anyone who has finally decided on a colour of the 26 (!) available including love apple red or silver medallion  is certainly not about to store it in the cupboard. Instead, it is an aesthetic focal point of the kitchen.


High aesthetic standards also apply to seasoning, the icing on the cake of cooking and serving. No additional pepper shaker is needed next to the hob or on the table, but instead a shapely mill made ​​of porcelain, acrylic or stainless steel crushes grains with a titanium grinder. The sound itself is pure pleasure. Does the food also taste good? Of course, that is another question entirely…

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