My Home Should Reflect My Lifestyle!

Blossoms and cherries on the same twig? The decorative paintings on the wall and sideboard lend this room a unique charm of its own.

Rejecting the norm: an increasing number of people are transforming their personal preferences into a reality within their own four walls, and they’re part of an overall trend.

Individualisation – from mega trend to lifestyle movement

One of the twenty-first century’s mega trends is that of individualisation. Independence and self-fulfilment are fundamental principles people strive to live by nowadays. Therefore, consciously or unconsciously, we are all searching for ways to express our individuality. And because our homes, in particular, serve as a reflection of our personality, they should be a perfect fit for each and every one of us. “Ready-made” furnishings are therefore passé, and the focus has shifted to creating a customised and delightful atmosphere. Plus, all of this is in keeping with the motto “anything goes”.

Mixing styles is all the rage

Thus, it should come as no surprise that people are no longer prepared to rigidly adhere to a single decorating style or blindly follow the dictates of a prevailing zeitgeist. Instead, they prefer an eclectic mix of styles: a whimsical armchair, a cherished heirloom in the midst of the otherwise austere décor, or colourful ethno-style cushions as accessories in a classic Scandinavian kitchen that serve as a reminder of last year’s summer holiday in Mexico. This combination of different styles ultimately results in an environment that is completely new and unique.

Say no to conventional!

This shift to a personalised taste is being fuelled, in part, by the growing availability of furniture in widely ranging styles, from romantic to minimalist. On top of this, more and more manufacturers in the home interior sector are creating modular furniture systems, thus enabling shelves, cupboards, sofas or many other things to be configured in precisely the shape, colour and material you prefer. You can even visit your local DIY store and have them mix together your favourite paint shade, or go online and design your personalised photo wallpaper. Nowadays, you can reject the norm by putting your own personal stamp on almost every feature of your home.

DIY – the crowning touch

As the epitome of self-fulfilment, a hands-on approach brings an even greater degree of individuality to home decoration. And an increasing number of younger people are now becoming part of the still booming DIY culture. Whether it’s handicrafts, home improvement or sewing, they can give free rein to their creativity and therefore create unique items featuring a personal touch. This also applies to upcycling, the process in which old materials are converted into useful or decorative objects. Moreover, this is completely in line with another trend of our times – a sustainable lifestyle.

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