Harsh Climate, Beautiful Landscape – Holidays in touch with nature

Harsh Climate, Beautiful Landscape – Holidays in touch with nature

„Why travel far when the good is so close“ as the saying goes. And so, more and more Germans prefer to holiday at home instead of travelling far and wide in search of exciting and exotic places. The Baltic Sea is among the most popular holiday destinations in Germany. Natural reserves, the sea, lakes, forests and the good air attract thousands of people looking for recreation.


The fresh air of the Baltic Sea, the smell of salt water, the vast expanse of the sea and the lush green of the meadows and forests attract thousands of people seeking recreation. Little old thatched cottages amidst a picturesque landscape look like straight from a postcard, giving the small villages on the Baltic Sea a melancholy and yet inviting look. The “Nationalpark Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft” offers this kind of landscape. It is the perfect spot for anyone looking for pure rest and relaxation in charming little towns and villages off the beaten tracks of the Baltic Sea spas.


„Wonderful Wieck, the soul goes a-wandering, tranquillity returns

This short poem in the Japanese verse form has the length of a breath and says it all about one of these villages. Every breath of the clear sea air brings peace of mind and soothes the stress away. Wieck auf dem Darß is a pearl of the Baltic Sea where one can really switch off. Sheltered from the harsh west wind by the Darßwald forest, the village offers a varied culture programme, many recreational possibilities and a wide range of fun activities for active holidays. It nestles in the landscape between Bodden and forest, between Baltic Sea and meadows.


In close touch with nature

Three connected thatched hotel buildings, situated in a natural garden area and directly bordering the beautifully located sailboat marina, provide a natural environment that invites guests to relax and while away pleasant hours. The close affinity with nature and the landscape is continued inside the Hotel Haferland, bringing indoors the scent and warmth of nature. The sunny yellow walls inside pick up the greens and yellows of the vast fields and pastures outside. Green curtains, table cloths and soft furnishings highlighted with yellow dashes and flower designs enhance the overall effect. The interior decoration of the hotel rooms is designed to seamlessly blend in with the surrounding countryside, bringing nature into every room.

Another element enhancing the natural ambience is the dark solid-wood furniture that provides a stylish contrast to the light colours of the furnishings and walls.



Naturally a feast for the eyes

The colour scheme of the interior reflects the surrounding landscape, with wood furniture adding a particularly natural flair. The rooms not only display a perfect harmony of natural design and interior decoration, but also create a healthy room climate through the use of natural materials. So it comes as no surprise that the entire hotel has wood flooring. Elegant, with a country style touch and a very authentic natural look, the wood floor perfectly complements the interior design of the Hotel Haferland. But a floor in a hotel has to have more to offer than good looks. It needs to stand up to high traffic and it must be easy to maintain. This is why no classical parquet flooring has been installed, but Celenio – a unique wood floor made by HARO. Nice and warm to the touch, resilient, break-resistant and easy to clean and care for, Celenio pleases the eye with its natural colouration and authentic looking stone textures. This unique floor covering impressively underlines the elegant country style of the higher standard hotel.


Celenio combines the look of stone, slate and even textile with the positive properties of wood, e.g. in that it improves the room climate by absorbing and releasing moisture from and into the air. The dark colours of the hotel’s wood floors emphasise the fresh, natural style and contrast with the light colours to create a cosy feel-good ambience. While the floors in the corridors feature a lighter olive tone, a somewhat darker colour has been chosen for the rooms.


Exceptional from the outside in, from gable to ground

The small village Wieck is situated on a lagoon (Bodden) in the Nationalpark Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft, a region that is rooted in and shaped by nature. In this exceptional landscape, the surrounding expanse of sea, forests, fields and meadows unite with the architecture of the thatched buildings to a picturesque romantic setting. Locals attach great importance to the conservation of their environment and to living in harmony with nature. Holiday-makers seeking rest and relaxation appreciate and benefit from this commitment, and feel completely at home in the Hotel Haferland. The surrounding nature is reflected in the colours and materials of the hotel’s interior: extravagant, stylish and yet utterly comfortable. An exceptional feature of the hotel is the wood floor that adorns the entire hotel. Celenio is a natural wood floor that looks like stone, but has all the warmth and indoor-climate improving properties of wood. Naturally close to nature.


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