Great design for little people Design classics conquer the nursery

Great design for little people  Design classics conquer the nursery

Precious, expensive, chic and devised by the masters: designer furniture classics only used to exist for the living room. Meanwhile, however, the all-time greats have conquered the world of the little ones. There is, for example, the Panton Chair by Vitra as a „run-in“ version and is called „Panton Junior“. The kids now have the ever-loved chair with its bright, cheerful colours and smooth curves – both as a chair and as a toy. Verner Panton started to pursue the idea to create a children’s version of the chair, together with Vitra, over 35 years ago. This project, which failed at the time due to economic reasons, was realised in 2008: based on Panton’s original plans, the Panton Junior was created. The material and its proportions remained unchanged, but it is approximately one quarter smaller than the regular Panton Chair. Thus, the Panton Junior, available in six colours, is an ideal seat for children in kindergarten and primary school. And then when the kids grow out of it, the Panton Junior is still a beautiful decoration.


“Pure Position” is a development platform for formal, minimalist and functionally sophisticated furniture in the living environment. The initiator and product designer Olaf Schroeder founded the label in 2007, initially for marketing the children’s furniture „growing table“, which has since successfully become available in German-speaking design-oriented furniture dealers. „Growing table“ is a table that grows. The legs of the table, stool and bench can be adjusted by means of the uncomplicated screwing to four different heights. It can all start at the age of two. The tools are practical: the mobile holders for pens, drawing paper and books are simply plugged into the holes on the edge of the table. Thus „growing table“ is the perfect playing and working desk up until primary school age.


The „Growing table“ has since gained a range of company. The modular shelving system “brick” has joined the collection, along with the re-interpretation of the traditional beer bench group for children entitled „beer & bench“. Or should it be better called „soda & bench“? The table top with a stabilising front edge and the flat legs of square tubing give the concept a new creative and constructive dimension. „Beer & bench“ is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. A wide range of materials, colours and sizes make „beer & bench“ an piece of everyday furniture in the living environment. The shelving system „brick“ is made of wood and metal and focuses clearly on functional design. Here, the shelving unit impresses with its design, which consists of base and stacking modules in different sizes. After the alignment of the base elements, “brick” can built up in height and width or be moved sideways. And it can all be assembled without screws. “Brick” creates an exciting look in any room, allowing for a variety of combinations. The colouring in white and natural timber exudes a minimalist design. Hence “brick” represents a zeitgeist or spirit, which emphasises the interplay of space and furniture, defining the value of furniture in regards to its material and aesthetics.


At the “imm cologne 2014”, the furniture fair in Cologne, more new products were presented such as the toy chest „rolling box“, a type of trolley, along with the children’s shelves „gt shelf“, both designed to complement the „growing table“. The complete program, which not only makes a good impression in the childrens’ rooms, is made at non-profit workshops “IWL” by people with disabilities in Machtlfing at Starnberg.


Children furniture with the highest quality standards

In the summer of 2007, a dozen parents (and many who had the desire to become parents) in the fields of business, design, architecture, art and psychology, including a group of children, spent a weekend in an old guest house. The aim of the meeting was to work on the visions and strategy for the product concept „Children’s furniture with the highest quality standards“ by Thomas Maitz – a company that was to focus on quality product design for children. „We wanted to combine our ideas and thus bring design, sustainability, fairness and economy under one roof …..“ This was the birth of “perludi”. Even the name “perludi” lat. per ludum „for the game“ was created in shared mental work. The brand was developed within a few months and new products were introduced to an emerging market. The concept is as simple as it is novel. The list of customers around the globe from USA to Japan speaks for itself. AMBER in the SKY is an exclusive and innovative bed for children and young people, which is characterised by timeless design and high quality materials. It is made from natural materials: birch wood and loden (100% wool).

The classic par excellence

USM – „Ulrich Schärer Münsingen“ stands for timeless design and the highest quality. The furniture system came on the market over 45 years ago and has become the epitome of timeless design around the world. The well-known classic is now very widely used in the office environment, in public buildings and private homes. Especially in the nursery where things can get a little wild, simplicity of the highest quality is required. And: should the childrens’ room then be transformed into a youth room or even an office, the furniture can be easily „converted“. Lego for adults, so to speak. The furniture is not exactly cheap: but an investment for life.


And the icing on the cake in every child’s room is the Mr. Maria Miffy lamp XL. Miffy, or Nijntje in Dutch, is a charming children’s book character of the Dutch artist Dick Bruna. Miffy originally only existed as a children’s book, but now the sweet thing has conquered the nursery as a lamp in XL (80 cm tall)!

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