Great Books for the Vegan Kitchen

Great Books for the Vegan Kitchen

It wasn’t too long ago that vegans had a reputation as party poopers, but today they’re totally hip. What happened? More and more people are discovering just how delicious and light vegan cuisine tastes. And with the recipes from these three cookbooks, things will only get better.


„Start vegan! Die Kochschule“ by Rose Marie Donhauser (240 pages, 29.99 euros, BLV-Verlag). The title says it all: this book aims to provide basic knowledge on how to cook exclusively with plant-based foods, agar-agar instead of gelatine and vegan chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Whoever says food doesn’t taste good without milk or eggs, honey or cheese is about to learn the error of his ways in an equally mellow and convincing way. Truly inspiring: unusual flavour combinations like avocado and vanilla cream which is sure to prove a memorable experience.


„Vegan to go“ by Attila Hildmann (264 pages, 29.95 euros, BLV-Verlag). In the first part of the book, we see the author jogging in front of the famous the Hollywood Hills logo; the leitmotif of Attila Hildmann’s new bestseller leaves no room for speculation. Those who cook vegan are hip, eat hip, and are slim and fit. Hildmann, the pioneer of this new trend, relies on casual sayings, takes an informal tone with his audience and does not withhold his words of wisdom. It’s the sort of thing you have to like. What you’ll definitely like: recipes for quick meals, or simply „to go.“ The showstopper: vegan chocolate cake.


„Peace Food“ by Ruediger Dahlke (192 pages, 19.90 euros, Gräfe und Unzer).Ruediger Dahlke is a best-selling author of a particular nature. He is a doctor as well as a spiritual leader with a great desire to spread his mission. For him, a vegan diet is the only way to stay healthy while providing an important personal contribution to saving the planet. This, too, is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. But then again: the recipes, beautifully balanced between Asia, the Mediterranean and German home cooking, are downright delicious and well devised.


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