Furniture in its prime – Shine on, you crazy diamond

Furniture in its prime – Shine on, you crazy diamond

It is the same with furniture as with clothes or shoes: The most comfortable things are the ones that survived many years and are frayed and show signs of wear and tear in some places – in short: not shiny and new anymore, but nevertheless perfectly adapted to the one who wears it. And with this, they win the elimination race of pieces that are still loved when all the glamour is gone, or perhaps even more so for exactly that reason.   They are full of life, biographies, history and stories. Those things cannot be newly bought.


Elements with “signs of life” are becoming more and more popular in interior design, too. In contrast to the sparkling, shiny new acquisitions, an old sofa, inherited from the grandparents or discovered on the flea market, can liven things up in a room, which would have appeared a bit too “clean” and static with new furniture and accessories.  An old and well-worn leather armchair could become the favourite place for a relaxed evening with the nose in a good book. Beside it, the new designer floor lamp develops an even more sophisticated charm.  Sitting around a massive time-worn dinner table, everyone enjoys to stay seated after dinner for conversations and discussions.  When designing a stylish living room, not everything always has to be new. It is the clever combination of old and new things that creates that certain something which truly turns the room into a living room, beyond pure efficiency.


The floor can also be a central element for the creation of effective contrasts between old and new. A used floor, which has been lived on, conveys more comfort than a new, smooth but also slightly anonymous flooring. Unfortunately, usable, beautiful and old floors are relatively rarely encountered nowadays. A solution for when a new floor is necessary that should look like an old one, could be planks with a natural surface texture. Such boards, which were treated extensively with staining, colour oils and traditional methods such as scraping, steaming and smoking, develop an atmosphere similar to an old board floor, even though they are still new, due to their original and natural texture.  The rest is only a matter of time.


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