Folding chairs: practical – and very attractive

Folding chairs: practical – and very attractive

When guests arrive, they quickly appear as if out of thin air and circle the dining or kitchen table. The nice thing about the models we’re presenting: they are perfectly fine to sit modestly in the corner of the room though their presence is compelling when they are needed.


The image of a folding chair could be better. It has the reputation of being makeshift and is indeed mostly used when more guests find their way to the table than what the host anticipated. This preconception can be easily confirmed – with uncomfortable folding chairs made of plastic like those available in a prominent furniture store for € 5.99. This concept, however, can also be easily refuted! By using chairs which beautifully serve their intended function: to enjoy a pleasant evening in their presence.


Granted, this is not an easy task for designers. You need to find a good compromise between the three requirements that must be met by a folding chair:

  1. occupy as little space when folded and still
  2. have the most comfortable seat as possible as well as
  3. represent a welcome piece of furniture around the table thanks to its attractive design.


This, then, is what characterises true mastery. Say when stars like Jasper Morrison and David Chipperfield accept the challenge. Folding chairs „Folding Air Chair“ and „Piana“ from their studios offer design and ergonomic appeal. They are available as loud accents or in more restrained tones of grey, black or white.


Of course, the folding chair is also a welcome playground for perfectionists. How does it fold most easily, how should it optimally be stored? „Tilt“ by American manufacturer „Folditure“ came up with new answers. The chair is an intricate construction of multiplex hinges and steel cables folded no more than 16 millimetres thick. The best part: it can be hung on a clothes rack. Hospitality just got a lot simpler: we take the jacket from our unexpected visitor and give him a chair in return. Welcome!


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