Fire without exhaust: the most beautiful gel fireplace

Fire without exhaust: the most beautiful gel fireplace

Nothing is more comforting than a flickering fire in the living room – but installing fireplaces and wood-burning stoves after the fact poses a challenge. The practical, equally beautiful alternative: a gel fireplace.


Rounding off the evening by the flickering fireplace after a cold winter’s day is the epitome of a romantic winter evening for many. After all, hardly a piece of furniture has stood for so much for warmth and comfort as a hearth in the home. What can you do when no chimney is available for a fireplace or wood-burning stove? Install a gel fireplace – the sensibly priced and aesthetic alternative, without authorisation, a chimney connection, wood stack and flying sparks.


Gel fireplaces create the cosy atmosphere of flickering flames before you with thickened ethanol much like fondue appliances or some grill lighters. Technological progress reaches the German living room in the cosiest way. Since unlike traditional fireplaces, there are almost no CO2 emissions and sparks.


In its place, you are free to curl up by the fire since a gel fireplace produces only one tenth the heat of a fire. At 80 degrees, the temperature is still hot enough to create the feeling of cosy warmth that makes a fireplace so unique. The harmonic flicker of the flame provides the necessary relaxation one desires after a busy day.


Gel fireplaces are already commercially available for a few hundred euros, therefore also meeting the most discerning design standards. They are available in the classic built-in version, as wall fireplaces or freestanding. Available in stone, marble or stainless steel. Modern, classic or extravagant. And the best part is: no chimney sweep has to check the gel fireplace before starting the first fire. It is simply arranged and ignited. Fulfilling the dream of an open fire at home couldn’t be any quicker.


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