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Having an open fire where you can sit together with friends at a later hour is almost a must-have for a successful garden party. It brings back pleasant memories of the early days in summer camp, with guitar music, good conversations and mild summer nights. A flickering fire in the garden is simply beautiful, but there needn’t be metre-high flames. Braziers and fire bowls are much more practical and also prettier, even unlit. Some of these bowls can even be used for barbecuing – what could be better?

Am I allowed to light a fire in my garden? That is the question you should ask yourself first. If you are not sure, it would be best to consult the responsible department of your city. Usually, smaller campfires in the garden do not need a permit – provided that the neighbours do not feel disturbed. However, many municipalities do not allow the burning of garden waste or only allow it with a permit at certain times a year. Those who want to pep up their garden party with a small fire should therefore only burn dry, old wood. By the way, this also benefits the environment and your health, as wet, fresh twigs and branches on a fire plate develop a lot of smoke. It is generally not allowed to burn contaminated or laminated wood.

To ensure the safety of your party guests, place the fire basket away from the house or seating. Why? Because it is always possible that some sparks are carried by the wind. Also, make sure that children especially do not get too close to the fire. If you feel a burning sensation on your face, you are too close. Logs, but also charcoal, should always be lighted with a special solid fireplace lighter or grill lighters. Liquid fire accelerants like spirit are dangerous and should therefore never be used!

The advantage of a fire bowl, in contrast to a fire place, is that you can set it up somewhere else each time. This makes it possible to compensate changing wind conditions with ease. In addition, the fire in a bowl with pillars does not burn the grass beneath it. Nevertheless, fire bowls should also be placed on non-flammable ground, such as grass, stone plates or pebble stones. Some fire bowls are designed so that you can grill vegetables, meat and fish on the sides. It is even suitable for frying eggs.

Nowadays, even design enthusiasts can find just the right fire bowl or the right basket. There are a number of models on the market, some with a grill and some simply for use as a fireplace. Some of them have even received awards or prizes. Most braziers are made out of metal. But there are also some made of stone.

At the end of the party it is best to extinguish the fire in the fire bowl with sand or a bucket of water. Please check with a poker that all embers really are extinguished. When the ash is completely cold, it can easily be disposed of in the bin, which is another advantage of a fire basket compared to a camp fire.

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