Enjoyment in traditional ambience: Striemitzer’s Esszimmer in Nonntal

Enjoyment in traditional ambience: Striemitzer’s Esszimmer in Nonntal

Not far from Salzburg near Königssee, Bavaria/Germany, and surrounded by the imposing mountains of the Berchtesgadener countryside, you will come across a hidden treasure for gourmands of all kinds with a knack for sophisticated ambience: Striemitzer’s Esszimmer, „the little culinary centre in Nonntal.“ The building which dates back more than five hundred years gives the restaurant a truly exceptional atmosphere: eating and drinking like old times with a discerning, modern yet exotic menu leaves nothing to be desired.


Andreas Striemitzer, namesake, chef and owner of Striemitzer’s Esszimmer, has been an award-winning chef in Nonntal since 2011. The globetrotter combined his international experience with local cuisine in a delectably creative twist. Today, he pampers his guests with culinary delicacies whose ingredients are preferably regional and whose innovative implementation is second to none. The exquisite menu is complemented by live music, cooking classes, lectures, wine tastings and, most recently, vernissages.


On warm days, surprise yourself on the terrace by ordering the chefs‘ creations made with love. If you prefer, feel free to sit in the dining room or at the pub and enjoy a multi-course meal which always makes the most of seasonal products.


The pub awaits and has much to offer: watch the head chef cook by peeking over his shoulder! The recently added popstahl kitchen which adorns the space is both visually and culinarily eye-catching: the chef serves a glass of Austrian wine with „Alpine tapas‘ or little delicacies made from local produce.


Monthly „round tables“ and „Soup’s on!“ specials add the finishing touch to this best kept Bavarian secret – reservations recommended!




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