Elegant and glamorous – Bad Reichenhall is one of the most beautiful cities in Bavaria

Elegant and glamorous – Bad Reichenhall is one of the most beautiful cities in Bavaria

The salt and spa town of Bad Reichenhall is picturesquely situated in a peaceful valley at the foothills of the Alps. The royal spa garden, its elegant houses and mansions create an elegant and glamorous ambience. Bad Reichenhall is one of the most beautiful towns in Bavaria and attracts many tourists and spa guests. The spa that offers Solequellen and spa baths, was awarded as Alpenstadt des Jahres in 2001.


The region around Bad Reichenhall is called the “Pearl of the Alps”. Those who have been there know why. The gigantic Alps tower in the background while the historic city centre in the foreground shrouds the small town in a light that radiates a combination of nostalgia and ancient wealth. The heart of the spa town is the Alte Saline (old saline), the source of the alpine brine. It sleeps heroically and calmly beneath the picturesque Burg Gruttenstein and is embedded in the historic core of Bad Reichenhall. From there, a romantic walk leads along noble and classy houses of the old imperial city towards the famous, royal spa garden.


Royal Ambience

The showpiece of the spa garden is the royal spa house.  This impressive building was built in 1899 and 1900, and through numerous events quickly became the centre of the social life in Reichenhall. In the meantime, it was restored to its original architecture and today shines in its former glory. It is the flagship of this city of culture and congresses.


Relax surrounded by nature
Only a few minutes away from the city foyer by foot, strolling down the small Wittelsbacher garden and the pretty Rupertus park, lies one of the central attractions of Bad Reichenhall: the  Rupertustherme. Saint Rupert is the patron saint of the Alpine salt and is ubiquitous in Bad Reichenhall. The thermal bath, too, with its impressive view of the surrounding gigantic mountains promises pure relaxation. Visitors can relax their mind and soul, enjoy a bath in the numerous indoor and outdoor pools and experience the soothing effects of warm AlpenSole (Alpine brine) from Bad Reichenhall. When it comes to the surroundings and the relaxation, the spa and family resort builds on extraordinary quality. And they also set new standards when it comes to interior design.


Relax naturally with a view of the Alps, wood, stone and Roman leanings

The colours and materials used in the thermal bath are reminiscent of a Roman bath. After all, it was the Romans who cultivated body care and built large thermal baths. The floors were often tiled with mosaics, the walls adorned with large frescos and large marble pools created an extravagant ambience. Large windows as well as glass roofs flooded the thermal baths with light and warmth.

The interior design of the Rupertustherme achieves a fascinating and relaxing balance between a comfortable atmosphere, traditional Roman design and modern design. Planks oiled in red in Thermo Oak combined with the red and light green washed walls and the large-scale natural stone tiles and stone facades create a harmonious and noble atmosphere.  Visitors of the sauna and the spa area enjoy the comfortable warmth and pleasant feel of the wood, which perceptibly increases the recreational factor in the truest sense.


Photo: Bad Reichenhall


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