Gathered in the Wild: Decorating with Autumn Treasures

A feast for the eyes: Cones and twigs create the autumnal setting for the classically elegant tableware with golden cutlery and decorative elements from Broste Copenhagen.

Autumn often brings quite uncomfortable weather, but it is also one of nature’s most beautiful seasons with colourful leaves, chestnuts, pumpkins, acorns and more. With these natural gifts of autumn, you can create a beautiful decoration for the home. Be inspired!

Why spend money when you don’t have to! If you keep your eyes open on your autumn walks in nature, you will see countless objects in beautiful red, brown, purple and golden yellow shades that can all be used for decoration.  Go for a nice stroll through the woods and fields, and take home some gifts from nature. You will soon see that there is hardly a more beautiful way to decorate the table, windowsill and front door than with an arrangement of these small treasures found in nature!

Grasses, berries and twigs

For those not keen on decorating, twigs and grasses are particularly suitable. Just place a few of them in a pretty vase, and you already have your stylish autumn decoration. Rosehip twigs or branches from Virginia creeper are an eye-catcher in every setting thanks to their small, red berries. Those who prefer a more puristic look can use bare twigs or grasses, while red fountain grass or sorrel also bring the warm colours of autumn into the home.

If you want to get down to some craft work, you can also make an autumnal wreath – give it a classic look with evergreen sprigs or something more extravagant, such as hop twigs or branches of the chestnut tree. Wreaths made of silver ragwort have a classy appearance and herald the winter with its ice and snow.

Cones, chestnuts and acorns

Small souvenirs collected on October walks, such as cones, chestnuts, nuts, acorns or beechnuts, are ideal as autumnal decorative items. In no time, they can turn bare windowsills into decorative ensembles that match the season and embellish dining tables for festive banquets. With the wind whistling outside, nuts and other small decorative items can be arranged around a large pillar candle to create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Dried flowers and leaves

Who says flowers always have to be in vases! Why not try hanging autumn flowers such as dahlias or lantern flowers upside down! In the window, for example, they can be attached with clothes pegs to a decorative ring or a thin rope. This creates a delicate and modern, yet autumnal and cosy look. Colourful leaves can also be decoratively hung up as an eye-catcher. Just give it a try!

Pumpkins and heather

At this time of the year, pumpkins can be found in the fruit and vegetable department of every supermarket. Besides those that are edible, you can buy more and more pumpkins that are only used as decoration. Among them are also giant pumpkins with instructions on how to carve scary pumpkin faces for Halloween lanterns. This is hardly a surprise, as there is no other plant so deeply connected with autumn as pumpkins. The ambassador of autumn par excellence is heather. At the moment, this plant – also called Erica carnea – often comes in a great variety of colours, or bushy with a deep purple shade. Both pumpkin and heather are definitely the right choices for autumn decoration. Let your imagination run free by spicing up your pumpkin or heather with LED fairy lights to create some decorative autumnal illumination.

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