Decluttering the hallway

This Lume coat rack from BEdesign looks even more impressive in side view. The clothes rail runs diagonally from one corner of the structure to the other

A welcoming introduction ensures both you and guests feel right at home. It should be cosy, functional and, above all, tidy. 

The days when hallways were used solely for transitioning from one room to another are long gone. Furnished with sideboards, standing desks, picture galleries and other furniture, entrance halls have been transformed into cosy and inviting spaces. In recently constructed homes, hallways tend to be much larger than in older buildings, making it easier to find an attractive place to store all those coats, shoes, hats and umbrellas. But we even have tricks for those who have small and narrow corridors which are aimed at creating a neat atmosphere and important storage space.

Combating chaos

It’s important to remember that the entrance to your home is its visiting card, so keeping things tidy is the number one priority. That’s why it’s better to remove anything that doesn’t belong there. Winter coats and boots are a particular nuisance in the milder months of the year, so stow them in the wardrobe or loft. This will already free up a considerable amount of space. The great thing about tidying up smaller rooms is that it doesn’t take much time to achieve a satisfying result.

As soon as you’ve removed practically everything from your hallway, you’ll be able to identify particularly critical areas. Those areas that still appear cluttered  clearly require additional storage room. There’s a whole range of clever solutions aimed at reducing the amount of chaos, such as electronic garages for mobile phones, key cabinets and shoe storage.

Streamlined furniture in demand

Narrow hallways call for slender furniture. The wall is the perfect place for slim-profile shoe cabinets or handy shelves on which to keep mail, keys or gloves. Coat hooks are the ideal space-saving solution for coats and hats, followed by clothes rails with hangers. Now that the area is free from stuffiness, chest seats in a modern look are now taking entrance areas by storm. Not only the perfect place for putting on and removing shoes, they can be used to store anything you don’t want lying around in the hall – rubber boots, gym kits, footballs, kid’s toys and a wealth of other items. Putting baskets and boxes on your hallway shelves enables you to store large numbers of small items in a tidy fashion. They’re great for closets as well.

Utilise alcoves and recesses

If your hallway has an irregular shape (particularly prevalent in old buildings), put any alcoves and recesses to good use for accommodating things like coat racks and vacuum cleaners. These can be discretely hidden behind sliding doors or curtain systems. You can purchase made-to-measure sliding doors to fit any shape or size of alcove, plus clever shelving systems that ideally utilise the space available. Follow this link for more advice on designing the ideal place to hang your hats and coats:

An article by Tanja Müller

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