Custom book shelves: puzzle and sculpture

Custom book shelves: puzzle and sculpture

In an era with Kindles, tablets and e-readers, the library is slowly becoming obsolete. But what do you do with those favourite books that you want to keep? We offer the most elegant alternatives to the classic book shelves.

Electronic reading is growing in popularity. This trend is not only limited to the young “digital natives” who have grown up with computers and mobile phones. Book lovers of all generations turn to their tablets or e-book readers. The home library is being slowly converted from a shelf on the living room wall into a folder on a computer, just like music collections. The rule has become “database instead of shelf space”.


But has the bookshelves truly outlived its time? Maybe in its classic form as a miniature of a public library with standardised measurements. Still, a nostalgic or even spiteful obituary would be completely out-of-place! What should you do with your favourite books, those which you still want to read in the conventional form, beautifully bound and nobly aged? The loyal companions since childhood and adolescence that you cannot bear to be separated from? Or the volumes of art, whose beauties cannot be reproduced by any monitor?


Do you see our point? Instead of disappearing, the book shelf is being reinvented. Freed from the need to hold 20-volume encyclopaedias, standard sizes and forms can be confidently ignored. Designers can instead use their entire creativity and sense of humour. For example, flexible shelf systems from individual cubes that can be combined in any way desired – a puzzle for your wall instead of a boring shelf. Easy to assemble and just as easy take down, these are the ideal furniture pieces for modern nomads. Some of the new shelves even do away with right angles, are crooked or made from tubes. Decorative objects in space, which still manage to fulfil their purpose – and who says that books need to stand up straight?


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