Creating a warm and cosy home in five easy steps

Soft colours and discrete lighting combine to conjure up a snug, wintery mood.

Autumn has flexed its muscles and winter is setting in – with chilly temperatures that pierce our overcoats and wet leaves transitioning to snow. Let’s welcome this season into our homes! We’ll show you five ways to create a snug atmosphere in your own four walls.

1.          Colours

The world tends to become less hectic starting in autumn, and we spend more of our time at home the darker and colder it becomes outside. And we respond accordingly by muting the colours of our walls and textiles, using a soft, elegant look to produce a sense of warmth. There’s nothing dull about the array of autumnal and winter colours – ranging from trendy chocolate brown and russet right through to apricot. Every earthy, natural tone brings an extra bit of warmth into your home. So how about cognac brown curtains?

2.          Flooring

Why are wintery colours such a good idea? They can be combined with each other to your heart’s content – especially those brown tones. Light-brown or dark-brown timber flooring is ideal whatever the season. Cork flooring is particularly good at creating a pleasantly warm feeling underfoot. When winter come around, you can add deep-pile rugs next to the bed and in other strategic locations. Are you also reluctant to leave your warm bed on a cold morning? You’ll get out of bed much more readily when your feet are welcomed by a shaggy carpet or a wooden floor. It’s the ideal way to start a pleasant autumn day!

3.          Material

Wooden storage boxes also radiate a homely atmosphere. Supplementing these, we can choose a range of timeless accessories from our drawers, such as woollen knitted blankets, velvet cushions or felt poufs. Soft, warmth-retaining materials are great in winter, but there’s a radically different material that also exudes warmth – and that’s metal. A strange idea you might think, because metal is cool to the touch. However, when your gaze actually falls on light fittings made of copper or brass, you’ll find that they emanate a remarkably warm and inviting gleam.

4.          Light

When you wake up on a foggy morning, the right lighting arrangement can help get your day off to a positive start. Avoid switching on a bright ceiling light and illuminate the room using a variety of indirect light sources. Discrete lighting originating from different directions has both an illuminating and a warming effect. Round off the cosy atmosphere with a playful assortment of different candles – tall, short, thick, thin, whatever takes your fancy!

5.          Plants

Although we no longer spend as much time outdoors in autumn, we can bring the countryside indoors with potted plants. Instead of gaudy tulips, we can opt for soft colours, as described in the first of our tips. Autumnal and winter plants combine the properties of freshness, nature and warmth. Ask your florist for plants like bud bloomers, Chinese lanterns or rose hips.


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